5 Ways of Looking at a photo book



Turn your vacation photos into a travelogue for the ages with the click of a button: that time you ate a baguette in the Jardin du Luxembourg. The plate of escargot. The picture of you standing in front of the Louvre in a silly hat. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, consider experimenting with mixed media — why not incorporate scans of tickets, or passport photos, or the wrapper from the best chocolate bar ever to be crafted in the history of time?

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Make Over Your Morning Routine With A Custom Coffee Mug

Mornings can be joyless. You’re late. The kids, if there are kids,  are also late. There is a stain on your pants, you’ve just realized, and you can’t find your files. (No, seriously, who moved your files, David????)

What you need is a treat. What you need is a custom photo coffee mug. Sipping coffee is a momentary escape from the world. Sipping coffee from a custom photo mug? That’s the stuff of luxury.

So what’s the mug that’s gonna start your day off on the right foot? We’ve got some ideas.


fathers day mug

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6 Reasons Photo Pillows Are Better Than Boyfriends

boyfriend pillow on bench

Boyfriends are great for lots of things, such as emotional support and companionship and also snuggling. But there is one major problem with boyfriends: they aren’t Collage.com photo pillows. Here’s why pillow-love beats the real thing.


Pillows: Pillows listen. In fact, pillows can do nothing but listen. Pillows will never, ever disagree with you or inadvertently hurt your feelings, because pillows are inanimate objects and do not have mouths. Pillows are always on your side.

Boyfriends: Boyfriends also listen, but sometimes are distracted by things like cellular telephones and videos on the internet. Also, don’t you think it’s possible you’re overreacting to that thing Sarah said and can we just go to bed now?

Winner: Pillows.

Social Situations

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Say “I Love You” With A Valentine’s Day Pillowgram

hot pillowgrams upclose

Cards are sweet. Roses are pretty. Candy hearts — candy hearts are classic, we can’t argue with that. But you can’t cuddle with Hallmark, and that’s why this Valentine’s Day, we humbly suggest you go in a… softer direction. Let 2015 be the year of the Valentine’s Pillowgram.

What Is A Pillowgram?

A Pillowgram is a message of love expressed in the form of a Collage.com photo pillow. It can be deeply heartfelt. It can be funny. It can be a gag gift. It can be a marriage proposal. It can be a gag gift that is also a marriage proposal.  It can tell the story of your relationship. It can be a picture of a bunny rabbit. Whatever you want to say this Valentine’s Day, you can say it on a photo pillow.

Who Is A Pillowgram For?

We’re so glad you asked! A pillowgram is perfect for:

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Relive the highlights of 2014 with a year-in-review photobook


As New Year’s approaches, we reflect. We remember. We resolve to really, actually, for-real-this-year get into yoga. (Like, so into yoga.) And then, we make a 2014 year-in-review photo book, because a ton of cool stuff happened this year, and your Facebook year-in-review video can only cover so much.

If you want to document 2014 for the ages, and you want people to actually look at it (sorry, Facebook), you’ve got to go analog. Here’s how to turn your entire year into a coffee table masterpiece in seconds.

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Advanced Usage: 4 Ways to Get the Most out of wrapping paper

wrapping paper advanced usage

1. You CAN Repeat Images

image repeat wrapping paper

You might not want the same photo twice on your canvas, and you might not want duplicates on your poster.  But when it comes to wrapping paper? Repeated images rule.

Think of it this way: wrapping paper is less one single collage than a repeating pattern of collages. Store-bought wrapping papers feature flowers or polkadots or snowflakes; Collage.com wrapping paper features patterns, too — it’s just that the pattern happens to be your face or your cat or your summer vacation.


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