Go back to school with the perfect personalized notebook

Personalized notebooks from Collage.com

Whether the students in your life are about to head back to school or are already back, chances are they’ll need notebooks. Lots of notebooks.

Stand out from the rest of the class with our new personalized notebooks. You can make them your own with your own photos, photos from our historical photo archive, and custom patterns created with our Pattern Builder.

Here’s how we created a few distinctive personalized notebooks. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Personalized notebook from Collage.com

As Hank Schrader from “Breaking Bad” famously said, “they’re not rocks, they’re minerals!” Whatever you call them, why not feature a stunning photo (like this agate above) on a notebook cover?

Custom notebook from Collage.com

Our historical photo archive is perfect for a truly distinctive notebook cover with a vintage touch.

Personalized notebook from Collage.com

Sometimes, a simple, colorful pattern is all you need to make a stylish notebook.

Photo notebook from Collage.com

Our tools make it easy to combine your photos with cool backgrounds and creative shapes. Celebrate your soccer team in style!

Customized notebook from Collage.com

When in doubt, classy black and white always looks good.

Unlike a calculus exam, creating notebooks for back to school is easy. What are you waiting for: create one today!

Make a stunning canvas for Grandparents’ Day

Collage.com canvases

National Grandparents’ Day is September 13. Don’t forget to create something great for your grandparents! Order by August 27 with standard shipping to ensure your canvas arrives by Grandparents’ Day.

Instead of giving your grandparents a boring picture frame from a big box store, why not give them a museum-quality wrapped canvas with their favorite photos? Our stunning canvases add panache and color to any room.

Design a stunning gallery wrap canvas today. 


Our co-founder on “what really matters about company culture”

Kevin Borders, Collage.comOur co-founder and co-CEO Kevin Borders wrote in MLive today about the “one thing that matters” when it comes to company culture:

I roll my eyes every time I hear that a company is a great place to work “because it has a ping-pong table.”

Sure, it shows that they value employees enough to spend a few hundred bucks on table tennis.

At many companies, though, that ping-pong table comes with a caveat emptor: we expect you to work more here instead of living your life elsewhere. For some this might be OK, but most people would rather skip the office ping-pong game to spend more time with family and friends.

Joe Golden, Collage.com’s other co-founder/co-CEO, wrote in the Detroit Free Press in May about our office-free workplace. We’re proud of our Collage.com company culture, and love to spread the word at every opportunity.

Read Kevin’s whole piece at MLive.

Be discreet with your Collage.com custom flask

Custom flask

The Wall Street Journal recently said that “hip flasks are becoming hip again.” We agree – and what’s more hip than a flask you can customize yourself? 

That’s why we’re excited to offer customizable stainless steel flasks. Our personalized flasks hold 6 ounces of your favorite liquid, and include an attached, screw-on cap.

Just remember: while it might be easy to design your own custom flask with our tools, it’s also easy to be abuse your flask. Use it for social situations with friends – and then be subtle about it. Don’t be the annoying, obnoxious person with a flask. Above all else: be safe and follow the laws!

Design your custom flask now. 

Grandparents love Collage.com photo books

Collage.com Photo Books

National Grandparents’ Day is September 13. Don’t forget to create something great for your grandparents! Order by August 30 with standard shipping to ensure your photo book arrives by Grandparents’ Day. 

If your grandparents are like ours, they treasure photo albums. Upgrade their traditional photo album with our one-click photo book.

It’s fast and easy to add your favorite photos, and we’ll print them to order on acid-free, archival paper. A Grandparents’ Day photo book might become your new family tradition…


Design your Grandparents’ Day photo book today. 

Long sleeve custom t-shirts are here, just in time for fall

Long-sleeve t-shirts

We’re more than halfway through August now, and summer is drawing to a close. Don’t be sad, though: Fall brings the return of football, back to school, changing leaves – and long sleeve custom t-shirt weather.

Nothing’s cozier than our new customizable long sleeve t-shirts. They’re made of soft, 100% ringspun cotton, and come in either black or navy blue. It’s easy to add your photos from your phone, computer, Instagram, or Facebook, or from our historical photo archive. The latest direct-to-garment printing technology will ensure your t-shirt design will look great.

Fall is on the way, so create a custom long sleeve t-shirt today to get prepared!

Design a long sleeve custom t-shirt. 

Make a calendar for Grandparents’ Day (Sept. 13)

Photo calendar

National Grandparents’ Day is September 13. Don’t forget to create something great for your grandparents! Order by August 31 with standard shipping to ensure your gift arrives by Grandparents’ Day. 

Your grandparents will remember you every day of the year with a custom photo calendar you created. You can add personal photos, and even customize special days of the year. Why not add family birthdays? Our calendars start any month you choose, so no need to wait until January.

Customize your photo calendar today!

Photo calendar

Custom photo coasters: perfect for anyone who owns a table

Custom photo coasters

Do you own a table?

If the answer is yes, you should protect that table from unsightly beverage-induced water rings. You need coasters!

Furthermore, you’ll want coasters that people actually want to use – like our all-new photo coasters. 

Sold in packs of 4, our custom photo coasters feature a non-slip cork backing and are made out of easy-to-clean plastic.

Better yet: you can customize our coasters with your own photos from your phone, computer, Facebook, Instagram, or our historical photo archive.  You can even add your own monograms and custom patterns with our intuitive Monogram Creator and Pattern Builder. Your customized coasters will look great however you design them thanks to our high-resolution printing with sharp detail.

If you wanted, you could even make coasters with drink rings on them – but that would defeat the purpose, we think. It’s up to you.

Design a set of coasters today, and protect that table! 


Ornaments are great gifts for Grandparents’ Day

National Grandparents’ Day is September 13. Collage.com will be highlighting great Grandparents’ Day gift ideas over the next few weeks. Don’t forget to create something great for your grandparents! Order by August 31 with standard shipping to ensure your gift arrives by Grandparents’ Day. 


Custom photo ornaments

Give your grandparents a keepsake they’ll remember for years to come – a custom photo ornament. Our ornaments come in multiple shapes and are easy to customize with your favorite photos. Give your grandparents a set featuring the whole family!

Design your custom photo ornament today. 

Protect your iPhone or Galaxy phone with our new cases

Collage.com iPhone case

If you’re like me, you take your smartphone with you everywhere – and use it for nearly everything. Why, then, use some lousy off-the-rack case for your beloved phone?

Instead, create something worthy of your constant companion with our new Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phone cases. Our cases are made out of a durable polymer that will protect your phone from scratches.

It’s so easy to add your own photos to your case. You can even create your own monogram or custom patterns to feature on your one-of-a-kind case.  However you design it, our vivid dye-sublimation print technology ensures your images won’t peel, fade, or crack. Every case is printed to order in Norcross, Georgia.

Phone case lineup

We offer our sleek custom phone cases for the:

  • Apple iPhone 5c
  • Apple iPhone 5/5s
  • Apple iPhone 6
  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy S6

Tough case

Some of us might want a little extra protection for our phone. That’s why we also offer our “tough” custom case, which adds an extra protective layer of silicone and a raised edge to protect your phone from small drops. Our tough custom cases are available for iPhone models, but not for Galaxy phones.

Design a custom phone case today!