Advanced Usage: 5 Tips to Get the Most Out of One-Click Photo Books

So you’ve got the basics down (if you don’t, check out our guide to getting started). Now, you’re ready to kick it up a notch. Here’s how to take your One-Click Photo Book to the next level.


1. Get Edgy

Our innovative auto-placement software optimizes your layout for maximum impact — but that doesn’t mean your stuck with what we do. One experiment worth trying? Play around with our Stretch To Edge option. This will remove the outer border and push your photos right up to the edge of the page. There will often be a little bit of photo cropping. Try adding or removing photos from the page if you don’t like how much of the image is cropped off.


2. #Filter

You can add filters to your photos individually using our brand new Aviary photo-editing tools (for more on those, check out our Aviary tutorial) — that hasn’t changed. But you can also add a filter to your entire book with — yes — one click. Maybe you’ve got a vision for an all black-and-white album. Maybe you’re going all Sepia, for a romantic/nostalgic/photography-was-recently-invented sort of vibe. Maybe you’re just a very serious fan of Boardwalk, or Sage, or Ventura.  To filter your whole photo book at once, just zoom out (that’s the magnifying glass in the upper left hand corner), choose the “filter” icon in the toolbar, and take your pick. Click once, and you’re filtered.


3. [Add Text]

Want to add words? You’ve got choices. There are actually TWO ways to add text to your book. To add a simple sentence at the top or bottom of a page — a classic layout, in our opinion— just zoom in on the page in question, go to “add title” in the basic toolbar, and start typing. You can adjust your font, your color, your text size — this is nothing if not a civilized book-making experience. But let’s say you’re going for something a little more high concept. Maybe you want to add text somewhere else on the page. Maybe you want a caption next to Grandma’s head, or you want a date in the lower right-hand corner, or you want — well, any text that isn’t at the top or bottom of the page. No problem: click on the image to bring up the Aviary photo editing toolkit, go to “text,” and bam — you get a text box you can position at any size, in any place, at any angle.


4. Reorder

Okay, but wouldn’t page 22 really be better as page 12 and page 9 is crying out to be swapped with page 6? Do it! Our aerial view makes it incredibly easy to see the big picture. If you want to move pages around once you’ve built your book, just drag ‘em and drop ‘em into their new positions.


5. Title Pages

Speaking of text, let us now take this opportunity to consider the possibilities of title pages. It’s easy to add a blank page (or a not-blank page) to help separate your book into chapters. Why would you want to do this? A case study: Say you’re making a photo book of your trip across Europe. You’ve got a lot of France pictures, and a lot of Spain pictures, and actually a lot of Italy pictures, too. (Belgium was smaller. You have fewer pictures.) But let’s say you’d like to turn each country into a separate section, for aesthetic and/or political reasons. To create a new blank page, drag a photo to the end of your book (you can reorder later). Now, add a photo that encapsulates your chapter. An Italian passport stamp? Perfect. Just upload that new pic to the book, move it into position (reordering your pages has never been easier), and add your text. Wanna go more minimalist and skip the pic? Even easier — just add text to your new blank page.

Power Couples of #SelfieTowels?


The Gray Lady made a list of the most powerful couples on social media. Bill and Melinda Gates are on the list. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are on the list. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are on the list.  Are you on the list?

Okay, cool. Despite our many similarities to Kimye, we are also not on the list. But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate our #love and our #selfies. And what better way to celebrate the power of couplehood in the age of Instagram than with a pair of Selfie Towels? Romantic! Practical! Kardashian-approved! (Not technically true but it could be. — Eds.)

Ready for your (remarkably absorbent) close-up? Get started here.


Collaging Just Got A Whole Lot Better: Introducing New Photo Editing Tools

vacay array

So you’ve uploaded your photos. You’ve arranged your collage. Your project is this close to done — but it would be great if the water could just…be a little bluer? And that one shot could be a little less saturated? And that family portrait front and center — it really needs a caption…

We hear you. That’s why we’re thrilled to roll out our new photo editing feature. For the first time, you can edit your Collage pics individually — one photo at a time. A full suite of easy-to-use tools from Aviary gives you total creative control. And the best part is, you don’t have to leave your project to do it. Because really, how can you know that picture of your dog would be way better in sepia until you see it in context? (You can’t.)


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selfies, now edible

An example of a selfie toaster

An example of a selfie toaster

Did you know there’s a thing called selfie toast? It sounds absurd, but the Internet was in uproar last week over the possibility of getting bread toasted with the eater’s own image. The amusing gimmick comes from Vermont Novelty Toaster Corp., a company that earlier had success marketing toasters that allowed users to brand their bread with images of Jesus.

Basically, you send the company a high-res image of your face, they perform some modifications, and then use a fancy machine called a CNC Plasma Cutter, a computer-guided metal cutting machine that makes special plates that get inserted into a toaster. “It’s a lot like silk screen, but you’re using heat for the ink and bread as the t-shirt,” CEO Galen Dively told Mashable. The novelty toasters cost $75.

Selfie toast is interesting. All things considered, though, we prefer selfie towels and selfie blankets.

The Most-Liked Pillow in the History of the Instagram

Kimye wedding photo-pillow by

Kimye wedding photo-pillow by

It took Kanye West and Kim Kardashian four days to edit their wedding kiss photo, the most “liked” image in the history of Instagram. It took us about two minutes and thirty seconds using our Collage Builder to slap the famous photo on a pillow. Kanye says the editing took so long because their first-choice photographer, Annie Leibovitz, pulled out at the last second, forcing the couple to spend their honeymoon tweaking the photo and adjusting the color of the flowers. If Instagram is any measure, it looks as if their hard work paid off. What do you think?