What’s in your personalized tote bag?

We’d like to say that summer’s the best season for our personalized tote bags, but that wouldn’t really be true. After all, tote bags have a million uses, and are perfect for any time of year.

Let’s take a look at some creative ways to use our personalized tote bags:

Kids’ Coloring Personalized Tote BagTote bag for kids

Going on a road trip? Or, just want to make it easy for your kids to always keep their coloring supplies on hand? Make a personalized tote bag just for them, and then fill it with crayons, coloring books, markers, and other fun art supplies. Since you can easily customize the images on your tote bag, it’s easy to make multiple versions for every member of the family.

You could have a coloring contest – and a contest to see who can design the coolest personalized tote bag using photos, backgrounds, text, filters, and our historical photo library!

Beach personalized tote bagBeach tote bag

Some folks might like to use their office briefcase or messenger bag to carry beach supplies with them for fun in the sun. These people will probably get strange looks from everyone else on the beach.

Don’t be that person! Instead, make a personalized tote bag just for beach essentials, like sunscreen, sunglasses, your towel, a bottle of water, and a good paperback or magazine. Our durable personalized tote bag is perfect for a long summer day at the beach.

Romantic picnic personalized tote bagRomantic picnic tote

Planning a nice, romantic picnic? Make a romantic personalized tote bag to take with you with a great photo from your relationship, or with a romantic customized monogram with both of your initials. Once you’ve made your personalized tote bag, don’t forget to bring picnic food and champagne to make your romantic picnic even more special!

“You all KNOW what customer service is all about”

At Collage.com, we’ll go above and beyond to make sure you’re happy with what you create on our site.

That’s why we back every order with the Collage.com Just Right Guarantee: if what you make doesn’t turn out just right, we’ll make it right.

But what does that mean in real life? Here’s a great example.

Michael M. in Studio City, California recently wrote us about a great experience he had with our Customer Satisfaction Team, and gave us permission to share his note:

You all are terrific at customer service.

1. I reluctantly explained that an item I ordered did not work out and was not what I expected, and I got a full refund.
2. I was not happy with another item because of a mistake that I had made by not fully understanding the instructions, and a replacement item was sent exactly as I wanted it.
3. I sent in some questions before I even ordered an item to see if it would turn out as expected, and I got full and complete attention and answers.

You all KNOW what customer service is all about. I very much appreciate the kind attention and enjoy dealing with your company.

Nothing makes us happier than pleasing our customers. If you ever have a question or a problem, feel free to contact our Michigan-based Customer Satisfaction Team at 1-888-797-1902, or email support@collage.com. We’re happy to help!

Historical photo archive now available for all products

Our team at Collage.com never stops working to add new features and new products that our customers request.

Already this summer, we’ve rolled out an easy-to-use custom Monogram Creator, so you can add monograms to any product.

Earlier this week, we added the Greek alphabet to our text tools, so anyone can add Greek words and letters to our products, just in time for sorority and fraternity rush season.

Today, we’re announcing our latest addition: the Collage.com historical photos archive.

Thousands of historic, public-domain photos are available in our historical photo archive from all over the world. Use them however you’d like. You’ll be surprised by what you can find!

Just choose “Historical” in the “Add Photos” screen when you create a new design:

Historical photo archive selector
It’s easy to add photos from our historical photo archive.

There are so many great images to choose from! Want to make a vintage flower pillow? Just search for flowers, and – voila!

Custom vintage flower pillows
All the beauty of flowers, without all the allergens.

Always fancied a vintage dog shower curtain? You can easily make that, too:

Dog shower curtain
Every dog has its day on a custom shower curtain.

Bullish for the ol’ Bull Moose himself – Teddy Roosevelt – on a laptop sleeve?

Teddy Roosevelt laptop sleeve
“Speak softly and carry a Collage.com laptop sleeve.”

Henry Ford once said that history is bunk, but our historical photo archive is anything but.

Between your photos, our historical photo archive, and the backgrounds, filters, and text tools on our site (including our new Monogram Creator), there’s no limit to how you can express yourself with Collage.com’s easy-to-use tools.

New: Add Greek lettering to any product

Kappa Gamma Tau
A Kappa Gamma Tau custom apron. Fans of “The Simpsons” should remember this fraternity…

Last week, we launched our Monogram Creator, which makes it easy to add a distinctive custom monogram to any of our products.

Today, we’re rolling out another exciting type-related update: the Greek alphabet is now available to add to any of our products, just in time for sorority and fraternity rush season.

Just choose the “Greek” font when adding a title, monogram, or block text to your project, and the entire Greek alphabet will be at your fingertips:

Greek lettering for Collage.com products

This helpful guide might be useful to find out how to type a specific Greek letter, since the Greek alphabet doesn’t exactly match up with our Latin-alphabet keyboard.

While sorority and fraternity members are bound to use our Greek lettering, don’t forget about the math lovers in your life.

What math maven wouldn’t love a Pi pillow, after all?

Pi pillow
This looks much better than 3.1415926535…


Greek lettering is available now on our entire product catalog.

Monogram your world with our Monogram Creator

Monogram pillows from Collage.com

Our team is always working on new ways to make custom products easy for everyone. We’re really excited to announce our newest feature: the Collage.com Monogram Creator, which makes it easy for anyone to create their own bespoke monogram and print it on, well, pretty much anything.

Approximate the class of a monogrammed dress shirt by adding a monogram to one of our t-shirts. Ensure no one at the office steals your favorite mug – monogram it! Make a very egocentric calendar with your initials monogrammed on every month.

We’re not responsible for monogram monomania as a result of this quick, easy-to-use tool – which is now available for all of our products.

Choose Monogram for the Monogram Creator

Just choose “Text” in our collage builder, then choose “Monogram” – then just enter your text. It’s that easy!

Our Monogram Creator will automatically resize your text to look great, but you can also manually change fonts, colors, and sizes for a truly unique monogram you’ll be proud to show off.

Monogrammed tote bag

There are so many creative ways to use the Monogram Creator. Add initials to multiple pillows and display them in a row for a perfect, personal home decor idea that’s especially perfect for newlyweds. Pick a creative, colorful pattern so your monogram really stands out, and then step back and admire your totally personalized custom design.

Monogram Creator from Collage.com

To celebrate the launch of our new Monogram Creator, we’re offering a special price on our Monogrammed Pillows: only $20 for a 16” by 16” monogrammed pillow, available with black or beige backings. Order today so you don’t miss out on this limited-time offer.

Olympic gold medalist Charlie White loves Collage.com

We were thrilled to have U.S. Olympic gold medalist Charlie White drop by our Collage.com company meeting last week in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Everyone – even Olympic gold medalists – loves a custom photo pillow from Collage.com.
Everyone – even Olympic gold medalists – loves a custom photo pillow from Collage.com.

Charlie won a gold medal in ice dancing at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Our whole team was proud to cheer him on then and ever since – especially since Charlie shares our company’s roots in the Detroit area.

Aluminum photo prints aren’t quite the same as a gold medal – but in terms of photo print quality, they’re much better than gold!
Aluminum photo prints aren’t quite the same as a gold medal – but in terms of photo print quality, they’re much better than gold!

It’s hard to become an Olympic champion – but it’s so easy to design custom products with Collage.com’s easy-to-use tools.

Try Collage.com today with a special 20% discount – just enter promo code CHARLIE at checkout. This special promo code is limited to the first 1,000 uses and cannot be combined with any other offer, and expires on August 1, 2015.



Run the table with our new custom table runners

Custom table runners from Collage.com

Class up any table with our custom photo table runners. Our table runners feature an easy-to-clean microfiber finish and come in multiple sizes to fit nearly any table.

Personalize our table runners however you’d like. Take your themed dinner party to the next level with a specially-themed table runner you designed. Make a birthday party something to remember forever with a one-of-a-kind photo table runner. Celebrate that summer is finally here with a bright, cheery background. When you design it yourself, it’s always perfect!

Like all of our products, our custom table runners are backed by the Collage.com Just Right 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – so what are you waiting for: start designing a table runner today! 

Personalized tote bags and photo towels are perfect for the beach

Photo beach towel

Heading to the beach this summer?

Don’t forget sunscreen, a good paperback, sunglasses – and a personalized tote bag and a photo beach towel from Collage.com.

Collage.com photo beach towels are – well, made for the beach. Or pool, or lake, or boat. You get the idea. They’re made out of a lightweight microfiber that’s fast-drying, especially on a sunny summer day at the water’s edge.

Personalized tote bag at the beach

Our personalized tote bags are durable enough to hold all of your beach must-haves, but also stylish enough to complement the swimsuit you spent months finding. You’ll never mix up your tote bag with someone else’s when you design it yourself!

Order a personalized tote bag and photo beach towel today… and we’ll see you at the beach!

Idea: Use a gallery wrap canvas or a matted poster for a wedding sign-in board

Wedding gallery wrap canvas sign in board

We’re always thinking about new, creative ways to use Collage.com products. And, with wedding season upon us, we wanted to showcase a creative way to use our gallery wrap canvas or posters: making a wedding sign-in board.

You’ve sweated all the details in planning a wedding – go the extra mile and create a truly one-of-a-kind wedding sign-in board with a gallery wrap canvas or a matted poster for your guests to leave memories on your special day.

Pick favorite, meaningful photos from your relationship – and then make sure to leave plenty of space for guests to add their names and well-wishes. (To ensure signatures look their best for years to come, make sure to use an acid-free, archival marker.

After the wedding, you’ll have a truly special keepsake to treasure forever – long after that old piece of wedding cake in the freezer has been eaten.

Design your wedding sign-in board today on one of our premium gallery wrap canvases or on a matted poster