Advanced Usage: 4 Ways to Get the Most out of wrapping paper

wrapping paper advanced usage

1. You CAN Repeat Images

image repeat wrapping paper

You might not want the same photo twice on your canvas, and you might not want duplicates on your poster.  But when it comes to wrapping paper? Repeated images rule.

Think of it this way: wrapping paper is less one single collage than a repeating pattern of collages. Store-bought wrapping papers feature flowers or polkadots or snowflakes; wrapping paper features patterns, too — it’s just that the pattern happens to be your face or your cat or your summer vacation.


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Project Profile: DIY Photo Tote with Text Overlay

photo tote

We are surely not the first people to note that catchy phrases on scenic backgrounds are having a moment. And while we like to think we are above such whims of fashion, we have to admit it: we’re into it. Really into it. So into it, in fact, that we’ve perfected our own DIY version, using our brand new tote bags and a little ingenuity.

Want to make one (or six) of your own? Here’s how it’s done.

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Deck the Halls with Ornaments


Ornaments are here! Spice up your Christmas — nay, your whole year — with a personalized aluminum keepsake from In celebration, here are the answers to your most pressing ornamental questions.

Question: What is a ornament?
Answer: Good question! A ornament is a flat, aluminum decoration that comes threaded with a red ribbon for easy hanging. They come in two shapes, oval and rectangle, and can be personalized on both sides.

Question: What does it look like, though?
Answer:  PetOrnaments

Question: Okay, but I have a lot of ornaments. Can you have too many ornaments?
Answer: No.

Question: Are ornaments just for Christmas?
Answer: No. ornaments are also great for walls, windows, windshields, non-Christmas Trees trees, office cubicles, bulletin boards, front doors…

Question: What about as wedding decorations?
Answer: Definitely as wedding decorations:


Question: Can I give a ornament as a gift?
Answer: You can, and you should. Ornaments make great gifts.

Question: And you’re sure you can’t have too many ornaments?
Answer: Postive.

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And the Polls Are Open: Vote Now for Your Pet Halloween Costume

Election day is Tuesday, but let’s focus on the voting that really matters*: who will be crowned the 2014 winner of the CollageOWeen Pet Costume Contest.

The competition is stiff: it’s anyone’s game at this point. Will it be the rabbit in an elephant suit? The dog dressed as a UPS delivery person? The lizard in tulle?

That’s up to you, because there is still time to cast your vote! The polls close at 11:59pm on Friday, November 7th. Until then, let’s consider a few of the candidates.

Thomas, A Turtle-Saurus

(Submitted by Barbie)

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We’ve Got Wrapping Paper!


For years, we were content with generic snowflakes, boring stripes, and plain old birthday candles. And then we realized: why shouldn’t the wrapping paper be part of the gift? This season, kick your gift-giving game into high gear with custom papers featuring your very own photo collages!

What kind of photo collages? Literally anything: if you can photo-collage it, we can make wrapping paper out of it. For inspirational purposes, then, here are 22 ideas to get you started.

  1. Pictures of your baby
  2. Pictures of your baby eating cake and wearing a party hat
  3. Pictures of your dog
  4. Pictures of your dog eating cake and wearing a party hat
  5. Every picture in your Instagram feed
  6. Vacation photos
  7. Photos from your recent safari
  8. Underwater photos you took while scuba diving
  9. Family portraits
  10. Screenshots from your favorite movie
  11. Screenshots from your gift recipient’s favorite movie
  12. Sunsets
  13. Flowers
  14. Panoramas of the Rocky Mountains
  15. Pictures of The Real Housewives of New York
  16. Pictures of The Real Housewives of Orange County
  17. Selfies
  18. The logo of your small business
  19. Your family crest (if you are royal)
  20. Photos of farm animals (if you are a farmer)
  21. Pictures of sports cars (if you are having a midlife crisis)
  22. Maps

Ready to wrap? Right this way.  Want to fix up your photos before getting started? We’ve got tips for that, too.