Welcome to the ScrapWalls blog! Here you will be able to find information about upcoming features, give us feedback, and get all of the latest ScrapWalls news. To get started, this post gives some background about Scrapwalls.

What is it?

ScrapWalls lets you build and share photo collages online. You can upload pictures, arrange them with our easy drag-and-drop edit interface, and then publish your wall for others to see. Unlike traditional photo sharing, creating a ScrapWall is fun, you should try it out!

Not a photographer? At ScrapWalls.com, you can peruse collages that have been created by others on the MetaWall. When someone makes a public ScrapWall, we look it over, and, if we like what we see (sorry spammers), add it to the MetaWall. The MetaWall is a large and ever-growing collage of collages. On it, you can quickly browse through thousands of images with our zooming interface, which makes it easy to quickly glance at a collage and view only the best photos.

Meet the Creators

Kevin, and Joe, are graduates of the University of Michigan. They got started in ScrapWalls in fall of 2007 while they were living in Seattle, and turned it into Collage.com in the Summer of 2012.   Here is some more about each of the creators:

Kevin Borders – Kevin has a Ph. D. computer science from the University of Michigan.

Outside of work, photography is one of his passions. Kevin got involved with ScrapWalls (in fact, created the first ScrapWall) while trying to make an original anniversary gift for his girlfriend. With about 1000 high-resoution photos, Kevin arranged them into an outline of him and Jennifer.

Joe Golden – Joe is an Economics PhD student at the University of Michigan. After completing undergrad at at the University of Michigan, Joe worked at Microsoft for two years. His first foray into innovative web development was hungryhungrycoeds.com, an online database of campus events with free food.



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