ScrapWalls Version 2!

We are pleased to announce a major upgrade to ScrapWalls. Here are some of the new features:


Zoom in and hover over photos to see their captions.  Click on walls or photos for extended information such as location, date taken, and author.  After creating an account and uploading photos, everyone can now add captions from the new captions page, or using the “properites” button while editing a ScrapWall.

One-Click Navigation

Viewing ScrapWalls is now easier than ever with our one-click navigation. Just click anywhere in the view area and the window will pan to your current mouse location!


Short on time, but still want to make a collage? The new auto-place feature in the edit page will automatically arrange and resize all of your photos into a grid on your ScrapWall.


Everyone has personal pictures. That is why we have added privacy controls to ScrapWalls. When creating a wall, you now have the following options:

Public – Share your wall with the world.

Personal – Share with all of your friends. This wall will not go on the site MetaWall, but will be shown if someone views your main wall (e.g. at

Private – Share with specific friends. Only those who you send a direct link (e.g. at will see your ScrapWall. It will not be shown on your main wall or the site MetaWall

A Blog!

It looks like you have already figured this one out. Please leave us your feedback about the new features and others you would like to see in the future so we can keep on making ScrapWalls as awesome as possible!

Thanks for taking time to read and we hope you enjoy ScrapWalls Version 2!

Joe, Kevin, and Kyle


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