Proud to announce the launch of (Discounts to Celebrate!)

We have come a long way since Scrapwalls was first launched in 2007.  From feature upgrades to site layout/color changes and from printing just a few orders per week to being featured on Good Morning America, our site has always embraced and encouraged change. The next big change for us? Re-branding to went live late in the evening on June 25th. With this new launch the collage building application remains the same but we have given the site a more streamlined look. Our staff is still intact and will still strive to provide first class service to our loyal customers whom we adore.

It is our hope that the transition to will help drive organic traffic and increase our search ranking, allowing more people to learn about our tools and products to help create a unique photo collage that looks great on display and preserves memories for a lifetime. (We are also expecting a slight increase in site traffic from kids who are Googling, “How to get into collage…” We have yet to decide if we are happy about this traffic increase or worried for the future!).

To contact us via email, simply replace “” with “” For example, to email customer support you will now use Any emails sent to a email address will be forwarded to the proper email address and a response will come from a address so please update your spam filters!

We’ve also launched new social media pages, they can be found here:    Facebook       Twitter 

Lastly, as a celebration and thank you to our users, we are providing a 30% discount to fans of our Facebook and Twitter pages and as a super bonus we will be giving away $106 of collage goods to a special Facebook or Twitter fan on July 1.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to servicing you in the future!


The entire Scrapwalls team

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