A unique collage of the week for Collage.com!

The 6/28/2012 collage of the week was submitted to us by Pam D. Normally as we review orders we find one we particularly like and email the user asking if they will allow us to feature their collage on our blog and use it for marketing purposes – most users will politely accept or decline but  Pam was a bit different.

On June 10th we received an email to our general marketing email address with the subject, “FYI,” no text and an attachment. The format of the message had SPAM written all over it (in Pam’s defense the message was sent from her iPad immediately after she snapped the picture).

Being a company who focuses on providing excellent service to both our current and future customers as well as our current and future vendors we open every email that is sent to us, even the ones that look like:

And collages like this are the reason why:

(Product: 20×30 collage poster    Shape: Track Shoe)

How unique! This was definitely a first for us and we are so glad we opened Pam’s email. We immediately emailed her back asking if it was O.K. to use the collage on the blog and she kindly accepted. Thank you, Pam, for our creative collage of the week!

Do you have a creative way to use a collage print? Do you want to be featured as a collage of the week? Send us an to support@collage.com with your order number and a brief write up about your collage making experience. We are always looking for creative users like Pam to help inspire others!

LASTLY: There is still 2 more days to qualify for our 7/1/2012 giveaway of $106! Simply, “Like” our new Facebook page at www.facebook.com/collagedotcom to be eligible to win!

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