Autism Awareness Month is proud to announce the addition of it’s first Visual Schedule Template shape in honor of Autism Awareness Month.

What is a “visual schedule”, anyway? Visual schedules are basically pictograms of what’s going to happen next. People who are on the Autism spectrum, as well as young neuro-typical kids, often have difficulty switching from one activity to another. The visual schedule lets them know what’s coming next.

Why would I need one of these? What could I possibly use it for?

Well, it’s designed to do the following:


1) Be a full day’s chart

Morning, afternoon, and evening, with 5 cue pictures for each time. Examples would be: Morning- Breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed, put on coat, get on the school bus. Afternoon- school activities, recess, lunch, snack, get on the bus to go home. Evening- play, eat supper, brush teeth, put on jammies, read stories, go to sleep. Each activity is represented by one image. You can use your own, or search for stock images.


2) Be a travel chart

Do you have regular appointments on certain days of the week, or places where your child goes? Set up one column for each day, and them cut them into three “travel schedules” that can go with you on your daily activities. This could also work for vacations, where surroundings are often unfamiliar.


3) Help Identify family members

Do you have family that lives out of town, out of the state, or in another country? Use the squares for pictures of them to help your kids get to know their family members!


4) Sports Team or Classroom photos

Holds up to 15 individual images, plus a title

Keep your eye out for another Visual Schedule Template rolling out later this month, and Light it Up Blue!

Start your collage now! 


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