Collage(s) of the week 5/23/2013

Sara and her family started a journey three years ago to visit each state’s capital in the United States. Their travels were supposed to take more than 10 years, but they have found themselves in 32 of the 50 states in the last 3 years! Sara says it has been a fun, but exhausting journey so far.

Now, Sara is using to create 11×14 posters of each state using pictures form their travels. As she receives them, she frames each one and hangs them on her wall at home:


IMG_1496 (1)

What a cool idea! Has anyone else used to display their travel photos?

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  1. I have to comment on my experience with! It is now the go to site for gifts from now on! I ordered a blanket for an anniversary gift for my husband. Some of the pictures I picked out turned out too dark and it was not what I expected. I wrote to and received a message back telling me that they wanted me to have the blanket that I wanted just as bad as I did, and they explained that I needed to choose some different pictures because some were too low resolution. Then they printed me a perfect blanket, and sent it right out to me!! They were never rude to me, or impatient. The reps were very nice, and I just had to write and tell everyone, TRY, because they are wonderful!! Also, the blanket is very soft and it is made of quality fleece.

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