Collaging Just Got A Whole Lot Better: Introducing New Photo Editing Tools

So you’ve uploaded your photos. You’ve arranged your collage. Your project is this close to done — but it would be great if the water could just…be a little bluer? And that one shot could be a little less saturated? And that family portrait front and center — it really needs a caption…

We hear you. That’s why we’re thrilled to roll out our new photo editing feature. For the first time, you can edit your Collage pics individually — one photo at a time. A full suite of easy-to-use tools from Aviary gives you total creative control. And the best part is, you don’t have to leave your project to do it. Because really, how can you know that picture of your dog would be way better in sepia until you see it in context? (You can’t.)


Here’s how it works.


Business as usual. Add your photos, pick your format, in an instant, you’ve got a yourself a collage. (Time spent obsessing about boarder-width: not included.) Let’s say you went with a canvas to commemorate this summer’s family vacation to the picturesque shores of Lake Michigan:

Beach vacation collage



Looks good! (Nice boat.)


But now let’s say you’d like to make a few changes — that shot of the kids playing cards isn’t quite doing it for you yet.  No problem. That’s what the editing tools are for. Just click on the image you want to tweak:

vacay changes

Choose the “edit” icon, and voilà — the world (or at least, all of Aviary’s toolkit) is your oyster.


Realizing your collage vision has never been easier. What can you do? Pretty much anything. Crop, filter, frame, brighten, whiten, caption, doodle, focus, sharpen… if you can think it, you can make it happen.


edit examples vacation



vacay array


…and that’s just getting started. The possibilities? Well, technically they’re not endless — but they’re pretty close. Whether you want to enhance a pic or two, or go all the way with a high-concept collage, the new photo editing capabilities give you the tools you need to realize your vision. Making collages is as easy as it’s ever been — but now it’s a whole lot more fun.


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