Say Goodbye to Boring Holiday Cards

The temperatures are dropping fast, and that can mean only one thing: it is time to start thinking about your annual holiday card. The question isn’t whether you’re doing cards this year — of course you’re doing cards this year — the question is, what’s your 2014 holiday card concept?

Luckily, we’ve got some ideas to get the holiday spirit flowing. And we’ll do you one better: once you’ve landed on something you like, we’ll send you a sample for free.  Like, $0.00 free. Free-free. One totally usable, designed-by-you holiday card, sent straight to your mailbox for zero dollars free. Free.

So what are you waiting for? Do you wish your friends and family season’s greetings or don’t you? Ahead, five ideas guaranteed to make you the star of the holidays — or at least, the star of your second cousin’s mantel piece.

Go Vintage


With our photo-editing tools, any photo can be an old-timey photo. Embrace the spirit of holidays past and give your family portrait a vintage makeover. Instant classic. You don’t even necessarily need Victorian props and costumes! (That said, if you just happened to have accidentally rented some Victorian props and costumes from your local prop-and-costume shop,  well, who are we to stop you?)

Embrace Mixed Media

Blank stationery: card and envelope

There’s no reason to limit yourself to family photos. Your kid drew a pretty amazing picture of a snowman/rabbit/Ella-from-Frozen the other day. Include it! Maybe everyone in the family draws a self-portrait and then you collage those self portraits together into a melange of good cheer. Maybe you go for a single finger-painted image courtesy of your surprisingly artistic toddler. Maybe you prefer to incorporate that finger-painted image into a photo collage. The possibilities are endless: if you can upload it, you can collage it.

Remember the Good Times


In January, you took a family ski trip. In February, you repainted the kitchen. March was your birthday celebration. In April, you made really good paella. In May, you had a baby. Share the highlights of your 2014 with a year-in-review collage — one image per month. Let the pictures speak for themselves, or add captions with our photo-editing tools.

Dream Big


Why limit yourself to what actually was? If we’re being honest, 2014 was kind of a bust. You didn’t go to Fiji. The kids didn’t become the world’s first six-year-old neurosurgeons. You did not get a domestic robot; you did not vacation in outer space.  BUT WHAT IF YOU HAD??? Celebrate the year that wasn’t with a Happy New Year collage featuring all the things that didn’t happen. Here’s to an improved 2015!

Add A Pet


Here is the thing about pets: you cannot go wrong. No one doesn’t like pets, especially if the pets are wearing  seasonal costumes. Your Golden Retriever romping in the snow is good; your Golden Retriever dressed up as the three wise men is better. If you have a litter of kittens on hand, definitely dress them up as the Maccabees — your card will be the hit of mantels across America. (That said, there is nothing wrong with a simple shot of your family Basset Hound in a Santa hat. Nothing.)

Ready to get started? Right this way. And what do you have to lose? The first card’s on us

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