Bigger Pictures Just Got Better

Old algorithm (left), new and improved algorithm (right).

We think we’re pretty great, but at, we’re always looking for ways to get better. Our latest innovation? A new and improved image resizing algorithm! (It’s more exciting than it sounds.)

What does that mean for you?

Bigger pictures look better.

Think about it this way: In a lot of cases, you want a photo to print larger than the original image — on a photo blanket, for example, or maybe on a canvas. That means enlarging the photo, and — in some cases — sacrificing image quality for size.

We weren’t satisfied with that, so we got busy. And (not to brag or anything), but we’re pretty thrilled with the results. With our new algorithm, you can enlarge images with much less pixelation.

Turn small photos into big art? No problem. Your collages have never looked this good.

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