Deck the Halls with Ornaments


Ornaments are here! Spice up your Christmas — nay, your whole year — with a personalized aluminum keepsake from In celebration, here are the answers to your most pressing ornamental questions.

Question: What is a ornament?
Answer: Good question! A ornament is a flat, aluminum decoration that comes threaded with a red ribbon for easy hanging. They come in two shapes, oval and rectangle, and can be personalized on both sides.

Question: What does it look like, though?
Answer:  PetOrnaments

Question: Okay, but I have a lot of ornaments. Can you have too many ornaments?
Answer: No.

Question: Are ornaments just for Christmas?
Answer: No. ornaments are also great for walls, windows, windshields, non-Christmas Trees trees, office cubicles, bulletin boards, front doors…

Question: What about as wedding decorations?
Answer: Definitely as wedding decorations:


Question: Can I give a ornament as a gift?
Answer: You can, and you should. Ornaments make great gifts.

Question: And you’re sure you can’t have too many ornaments?
Answer: Postive.

Ready to decorate? Right this way.

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