Advanced Usage: 4 Ways to Get the Most out of wrapping paper

wrapping paper advanced usage

1. You CAN Repeat Images

image repeat wrapping paper

You might not want the same photo twice on your canvas, and you might not want duplicates on your poster.  But when it comes to wrapping paper? Repeated images rule.

Think of it this way: wrapping paper is less one single collage than a repeating pattern of collages. Store-bought wrapping papers feature flowers or polkadots or snowflakes; wrapping paper features patterns, too — it’s just that the pattern happens to be your face or your cat or your summer vacation.


2.  Size [of images] Matters

wrapping paper size matters

Consider what  you’re wrapping. If it’s big boxes, then a collage incorporating only a few photographs will work well. Why not? You’ve got plenty of surface area to display it.

If you’re wrapping small or midsize boxes, though, you want a lot of little images. Less surface area means less room to display big pics. And while there’s nothing wrong with wrapping a whole box in a single image of your dog (nothing wrong!), smaller images will give you a more polished, professional look.

3. Let Backgrounds Work For You

background wrapping paper tutorial

Get off the (photo) grid and go rogue. Instead of covering your entire collage with photos, experiment with our “free form mode,” which lets you arrange photos against a backdrop. And have we got backdrops! Whether you’re thinking “classy” or “boldly geometric” or “patriotic” or “a nostalgic landscape of a desert island,” we’ve got something that’ll work for you.

4. You Can Make Wrapping Paper Out of Anything

channing tatum paper tutorial

Family photos, baby pictures, and pet pics all make great wrapping paper. But so do so many other kinds of things! Food pictures. Sunset pictures. Cityscapes. Movie stills. The entire contents of your Instagram feed.

I asked a friend what she’s want on her ideal wrapping paper. “Pizza, fireworks, and Channing Tatum’s neck,” she said.

Consider it done.

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