7 Ways to Make the Wrapping Paper Better than the Gift


You made your list. You checked it twice. Here are 7 ways to wrap it in style.


Selfie paper

selfie paper

Best for: people who like you a lot

Gift tag paper

gift tag paper

Best for: the person whose picture is featured on your wrapping paper

Foodie paper

foodie paper

Best for: people who Instagram their food before eating it

City paper


Best for: urban planners, landscape photographers, architects, people who do not live in cities but wish they did

Art paper

art paper

Best for: artists, art historians, grandparents

Golf paper

golf paper

Best for: golfers, fans of golf, people who watch golf, some dads

Family paper

family paper

Best for: other relatives, people who would receive your family portrait Christmas card anyway

Inspired? Got another idea? Make it happen — the holidays wait for no one.



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