Say “I Love You” With A Valentine’s Day Pillowgram

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Cards are sweet. Roses are pretty. Candy hearts — candy hearts are classic, we can’t argue with that. But you can’t cuddle with Hallmark, and that’s why this Valentine’s Day, we humbly suggest you go in a… softer direction. Let 2015 be the year of the Valentine’s Pillowgram.

What Is A Pillowgram?

A Pillowgram is a message of love expressed in the form of a photo pillow. It can be deeply heartfelt. It can be funny. It can be a gag gift. It can be a marriage proposal. It can be a gag gift that is also a marriage proposal.  It can tell the story of your relationship. It can be a picture of a bunny rabbit. Whatever you want to say this Valentine’s Day, you can say it on a photo pillow.

Who Is A Pillowgram For?

We’re so glad you asked! A pillowgram is perfect for:

  • boyfriends
  • girlfriends
  • partners
  • spouses
  • children
  • parents
  • grandchildren
  • grandparents
  • friends
  • people who like pillows

So How Do I Make A Pillowgram?

Simple. Just upload your images and start arranging. Perhaps you would like to give your beloved a picture of your face. Perhaps you would like to give your beloved a montage of the two of you together. Perhaps you would like to give your beloved a picture of an attractive naked gentleman you found on the internet. Anything goes!

Once you’ve uploaded your pics, it’s time to get sentimental. Add text. Add titles. A romantic quote?  Consider shapes: maybe you’d like to fit all your pictures into a heart? What about block letters spelling out “LOVE”?  Maybe you have another concept in mind. Go for it.

That’s It?

That’s it. Think of your Pillowgram like a hand-made Valentine. It’s an expression of your creativity, and of your feelings. It is just like the ones you used to make out of construction paper, except more huggable.

Feeling inspired? Romantic? A little bit saucy? Excellent. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Let the Pillowgramming begin.

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