Make Over Your Morning Routine With A Custom Coffee Mug

Mornings can be joyless. You’re late. The kids, if there are kids,  are also late. There is a stain on your pants, you’ve just realized, and you can’t find your files. (No, seriously, who moved your files, David????)

What you need is a treat. What you need is a custom photo coffee mug. Sipping coffee is a momentary escape from the world. Sipping coffee from a custom photo mug? That’s the stuff of luxury.

So what’s the mug that’s gonna start your day off on the right foot? We’ve got some ideas.


fathers day mug

A classic design that never gets old: round up a bunch of pictures where you and people you love look real happy, and, newly blanketed in familial warmth, you will be armed to face the day.

For this mug, we added a filter to make all the images a breezy and nostalgia-inducing black and white, opted for “thin borders,” and used “stretch-to-fit” to minimize empty white space.


high concept pet mugs

Let us be very clear here: you need not have a pet to appreciate a high-concept animal mug. Maybe you want to use a snapshot of your cat. Maybe you don’t have a cat. Maybe you do have a cat, but he’s not photogenic. Whatever. All you need to make these guys is a single image of an animal you like and a dream.

For Ronald the Boston Terrier (left), we added the picture — just one — and stretched it to fit, so that the delight that is his Boston Terrier face covers as much of the mug as possible. For Pyotr the Cat, we also uploaded a single photo that captured his particular catty essence, used the “shapes” layout to crop that photo into an oval, and then slapped on the zippiest background we could find (“1968,” elected from the “Geometric” background menu).


quote mug

Mugs are an excellent place to express your petty enthusiasms,  your pithy quotes, and your passion for unattainable celebrities.

The mug on the left was an occasion to express our unabashed enthusiasm for Chris Hemsworth’s face. The process was simple: we used “web photo search” in the “add content menu” in order to comb the internet for pictures of Chris Hemsworth’s face, and then uploaded our 40 favorite Chris Hemsworth face-pictures and arranged them on a mug. Unauthorized fan gear, you call it. We call it love.

The mug on the right takes a classic Camus quote that sums up our feelings about mornings with depressive joviality. To make it, we  created a text box, entered the quote, adjusted the color and font, and went for a classic black background. This process would also work for Shakespeare quotes, Wilde quotes, and quotes from Taylor Swift.

So bring joy to the joyless hellscape that is morning and get started right here. (We cannot be held responsible if you make so many you run out of cabinet space, but we can assure you that they also make great gifts.)

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