Every Day Is a Holiday When You Customize Your Calendar

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You’ve always been able to customize your calendar images, but now you can personalize your calendar dates, too. That means you’ll never forget a birthday, anniversary, festival, or holiday of personal import again — and if you order a few of ’em, neither will any of your friends. You will be a regular compendium of personalized date-related knowledge!

Not sure what exactly to do with this newfound personalizing power? Not a problem. From the practical (Jan 15: quarterly estimated taxes due) to the whimsical (March 26: National Spinach Day!), we’ve got some ideas.

The Family Calendar

Sarah’s 8th Birthday. Evan turns 11. Karen and Steve’s 33rd Wedding Anniversary (traditional gift: amethyst). Keep track of life events, school events, work events, sports events, and annual dance recitals with a family calendar. Bonus: it makes an excellent gift for far-flung relatives. Bonus-bonus: everyone will always remember your birthday.

Make it: Gather important family/school/work dates from memory and appropriate organizational calendars. Savor how organized you feel, having all this stuff in one place.

The “Every Day’s A Holiday” Calendar

Do you know when it is Maryland Day, a Maryland-centric holiday dedication to celebrating the Queen State? What are your plans for Loyalty Day? Do you have an outfit for Take Your Child to Work Day? Have you sent out invitations for National Explosive Ordinance Disposal Day?  While gathering all the holidays may take a while (pro tip: enlist children), the end result is 365 reasons to party.

Make it: To ensure festivities year round, you may have to do some compiling. Here are a few places to start.

The Presidential Birthday Calendar

If you did not celebrate Grover Cleveland’s birthday, you’re not living your best life. Lincoln and Washington are great, but there are 42 other presidents who also have birthdays. You do not get a long weekend for all of them, but there’s no reason not to have cake. Next up is John Tyler’s birthday, which you would know if you had made this calendar.

Make it: In this case, as in so many cases, Wikipedia is your secret weapon.

The Fictional Character Birthday Calendar

Oh, you’ll just rely on Facebook to remind you of the birthdays of friends and family, will you? Does Facebook know that January 19th is Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s birthday? Does it know that Big Bird’s birthday is March 20th? Will it tell you that Rory Gilmore’s birthday is October 8th?  No? With a Fictional Character Birthday Calendar, you’ll never forget another made-up date again.

Make it: Start with Flavorwire’s treasure trove of fictional character birthday data and embellish accordingly.

The World History Calendar

What is time if not an endless parade of teachable moments? Mark your calendar with the events of the past or be doomed to repeat them! This is a sometimes-sobering calendar, but a fascinating one, and it will also make you a champion at Trivial Pursuit.

Make it: The History Channel has more date-by-date data than you can handle.  

In the holiday(s) spirit? Building the custom calendar of your custom dreams is easy. Once you’re in the project builder, just go to the calendar tool bar, click the “Holidays” icon, select “Custom” and enter your date-related details. Let the festivities begin.



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