Make This Mother’s Day One to Remember

Halloween is for irony. New Year’s is for cynics. Groundhog’s Day is inherently hilarious. But Mother’s Day? Mother’s Day is all about the sincere, the sweet, and the sentimental. She’s your mom — say thank you (and also, for the last time, could you please wipe your feet before coming inside?).

And if anyone knows how to turn family photos into family heirlooms, it’s the folks at Collage — helping people savor old memories and make new ones is their job. (Literally — that is our job.)

But what do the pros do when it comes to showing their own moms a little love, we wondered? So we asked our team to show us the best gifts they’d ever given their moms. What was their process? And — even more importantly — what did their moms think of the finished results?

Did we maybe shed a few tears at the stories we got back? Maybe. It is definitely possible that happened.

So if you’re looking for some last-minute M-day inspiration, look no further. Mother’s Day is not a competition, but if it were, this is how you’d win.

mother's day 2

I found a bunch of old pictures stashed away and spent hours scanning and cropping the images with hopes it would turn out semi decent. I wasn’t expecting much but I was blown away at the quality of the very large (60×80 fleece) blanket, especially since all the images used were scanned! My mom cried when she got the blanket and displays it proudly on her bed for all guest to come see. I think this blanket is extra special to her because a lot of the family members in the pictures have passed away. This will be one of those items that gets passed on for generations. 

— Kim, Human Resources

mothers day 1

My grandfather passed away 4.5 years ago and for mother‘s day I decided to create a pillow for my grandmother. It is huggable, loveable, and full of the memories from the 55+ years they were together. I know she’s going to love opening it on Mother‘s Day and will love it for years to come. Whenever she misses him, she can squeeze the pillow and remember all of the awesome memories they created together. 

— Melissa, Customer Satisfaction Manager

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