This Bulldog Endorses Our Brand New Extra-Large Photo Pillows

2015-04-23 10.35.05


This is Dingell’s excited face.

You can’t tell from her expression, but Dingell the bulldog is very excited about her new 26×26 selfie pillow! Initially, she had some concerns: was it narcissistic to get a pillow featuring her face (twice)? And did she really need something so large? Dingell, after all, is a simple dog, with simple tastes.


As she waited for the package to arrive, she writhed with anticipation.

2015-04-23 10.33.22

But when the pillow came, it was everything she had hoped for, and more. She drooled (literally).  It was perfect for lazy Sundays on the couch. It was, she discovered, perfect for lazy Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays as well.


2015-04-23 10.34.30

Dingell, demonstrating ideal pillow usage. 

Extra-large photo pillows: a must-have for lounging men and beasts alike.

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