in the Detroit Free Press co-founder/co-CEO Joe Golden’s op-ed in today’s Detroit Free Press talks about one way we’ve been able to build a great team: avoiding a traditional office:

At the business I co-founded,, one way we [attract top talent] is by thinking not just outside the box, but outside the office. rapidly grew from a University of Michigan hobby project to a company employing more than 30 full-time employees. The company makes customized products like photo books and photo blankets easy for anyone to create. And we’ve done it by attracting talented developers who can design powerful tools.

How, then, did we – as a start-up company – attract top shelf talent?

We got rid of the office.

Eliminating the office allowed us to recruit across the country, instead of limiting our search to people who live or are willing to move to a limited geographic area. Working from home allows our employees to work where they are happiest and most productive, while giving them control over their own work environment and schedule. It also reduces our overhead so we can invest more in our people.

Read Joe’s full op-ed in today’s Detroit Free Press – and then learn more about how is unique.

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