featured in Corp! Magazine two-day series

Corp! Magazine

Corp! Magazine featured in a two-day series of posts this week about our unique corporate history and corporate culture:

According to company lore, Borders and Golden were students at University of Michigan when Borders ran into a problem: He wanted to create a one-of-a-kind anniversary collage for his girlfriend, Jen, and there wasn’t any software up to the task. Borders teamed up with Golden, and together they developed the software that would become (from “Here’s How Two U of M Friends Turned Their College Project into a $15 Million Company”)

The second piece in Corp! (“Steal This Idea: Working Without An Office Has Made Recruiting Easy for This Company”) highlighted our remote work philosophy, which our co-CEO Joe Golden also wrote about earlier this year in the Detroit Free Press

“We realized that having everyone work from home gave us big advantages in hiring great people. The same perks and advantages that we enjoyed were important to other people too,” Golden said. “It’s really great for people with kids – with a more flexible schedule, they can spend time with their family or be available when there are emergencies. People really like that; that’s been great for our team.”

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