Historical photo archive now available for all products

Our team at Collage.com never stops working to add new features and new products that our customers request.

Already this summer, we’ve rolled out an easy-to-use custom Monogram Creator, so you can add monograms to any product.

Earlier this week, we added the Greek alphabet to our text tools, so anyone can add Greek words and letters to our products, just in time for sorority and fraternity rush season.

Today, we’re announcing our latest addition: the Collage.com historical photos archive.

Thousands of historic, public-domain photos are available in our historical photo archive from all over the world. Use them however you’d like. You’ll be surprised by what you can find!

Just choose “Historical” in the “Add Photos” screen when you create a new design:

Historical photo archive selector
It’s easy to add photos from our historical photo archive.

There are so many great images to choose from! Want to make a vintage flower pillow? Just search for flowers, and – voila!

Custom vintage flower pillows
All the beauty of flowers, without all the allergens.

Always fancied a vintage dog shower curtain? You can easily make that, too:

Dog shower curtain
Every dog has its day on a custom shower curtain.

Bullish for the ol’ Bull Moose himself – Teddy Roosevelt – on a laptop sleeve?

Teddy Roosevelt laptop sleeve
“Speak softly and carry a Collage.com laptop sleeve.”

Henry Ford once said that history is bunk, but our historical photo archive is anything but.

Between your photos, our historical photo archive, and the backgrounds, filters, and text tools on our site (including our new Monogram Creator), there’s no limit to how you can express yourself with Collage.com’s easy-to-use tools.

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