Our co-founder on “what really matters about company culture”

Kevin Borders, Collage.comOur co-founder and co-CEO Kevin Borders wrote in MLive today about the “one thing that matters” when it comes to company culture:

I roll my eyes every time I hear that a company is a great place to work “because it has a ping-pong table.”

Sure, it shows that they value employees enough to spend a few hundred bucks on table tennis.

At many companies, though, that ping-pong table comes with a caveat emptor: we expect you to work more here instead of living your life elsewhere. For some this might be OK, but most people would rather skip the office ping-pong game to spend more time with family and friends.

Joe Golden, Collage.com’s other co-founder/co-CEO, wrote in the Detroit Free Press in May about our office-free workplace. We’re proud of our Collage.com company culture, and love to spread the word at every opportunity.

Read Kevin’s whole piece at MLive.



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