Behind the scenes of our holiday photo shoot

It’s hard to believe, but we’re in the home stretch of 2015! Over the next few weeks, you’ll start to see photos from’s holiday photo shoot. We won’t start playing holiday jingles now, but we did want to share how our photo shoots come together.

In the studio
Hive Studio photographer Austin Huck, photo director Thayer Newport, and stylist Erin Riley setting up for’s holiday photo shoot. (Not pictured: hair and makeup, Lori Greene)

With so many new products added to the lineup this year, our photo director Thayer Newport worked overtime to get the holiday shoot ready. Lining up models, coming up with a theme, securing studio time, and ordering products for the shoot takes almost a month’s work of solid work – but we think it was really worth it!

Holiday photo shoot 2015

“A lot of thought goes into a customer designing the perfect gift with’s tools,” Thayer said. “For this photo shoot, I wanted that handmade, personal aesthetic to come through. For me, that meant really taking care to make our sets fun and creative.”

Fun sets on the wall

We worked with a young model as part of the shoot. “She had a lot of personality,” Thayer says. “She was really fun to work with. At one point, she even started dancing with the photographer in the studio while we were building a set!”

Peeling off tape during the shoot

Over the next few weeks, we hope you’ll enjoy some of our holiday photos as much as we enjoyed taking them. Happy Holidays!

Throwing up tape!

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