DIY: Use our custom mugs as perfect indoor planters

Want to add a touch of nature to your desk? Our custom photo mugs are the perfect way to add mini planters to your desk – perfect for succulents and other small plants.’s mugs feature super-sharp, high-quality printing – perfect for this fun, easy home project.

You’ll want to do some research before getting started to find the perfect plant for you. We recommend going to your nearest garden shop to learn more about plant care instructions. (For this, we went to English Gardens – a great garden store in the Detroit area where our company is based.)

What you'll need for custom planter mugs

You’ll need:

Start by filling your custom mug with a small layer of river rocks. You’ll want to add enough rocks to cover the bottom of your mug. The rocks will help your plant retain excess water without destroying your plant’s roots by overwatering.

Next, cover the rocks with potting soil until your mug is halfway full. Easy so far, right?

Here comes the fun part: repotting your plant into the mug planter. If your plant doesn’t fit your mug, try removing some of the soil from your plant’s roots until it fits properly.

Once your plant is in the mug, add some soil in and around the plant to ensure it is supported nicely. Use your chopstick to press the soil down in and around your plant, making sure to keep the soil level slightly below the lip of the mug. custom mug planter

For extra style, you can add some accent rocks around your plant to help its color pop.

Finally, give your plant a little water in its new home, and find a brightly-lit spot for your awesome new mug planter. Enjoy!


We want to see your planters! Send your best shots to, and we’ll feature them on our blog.

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