The perfect solution for last minute gifts

First, the bad news: because all of our products are printed to order, we’re past all of our Christmas shipping deadlines at this point.

Now, the good news: even if you didn’t place your order in time, you can still make Christmas extra special with a personal, thoughtful gift from We’ll show you how:

1. Design one of our 50+ products with personal, meaningful photos: Last minute shoppers are notorious for picking out – how should we say – less than thoughtful gifts. Prove them wrong by making something with a real personal touch.

Here’s an example: let’s say I forgot to order my girlfriend a Christmas gift. (We’re pretending here, of course; I totally have it covered.)

Instead of buying something lame and last minute at the store, I instead can design her a custom pillow featuring photos of trips we went on together:

I laid out photos edge to edge on the pillow for my girlfriend, so photos print right to the edge of the pillow.

2. When you’re happy with your design, click “Next” in our builder. You will see a screen pop up with the option to download a preview or a link to share on social media:

Save to computer/preview design’s secret weapon for last-minute gifting

3. Click on “Save to Computer” to save a preview of your design to your computer, and then place your order. We’ll render your design onto the product so it looks like what you’ll receive in the mail after Christmas:

Pillow preview
Here’s what my custom pillow gift will look like. This is the actual preview image our builder tool generated for the pillow you saw me create earlier.

4. Print out your preview image, and wrap it in a gift box. This is a great opportunity to surprise. You can wrap your preview in a tiny box, or surprise them by wrapping it in a giant one. The important thing here is to put the same thought into wrapping your gift as you did in designing it.

Wrapped gift
Who doesn’t love opening a package – especially when there’s something special you made inside? (Photo by Liz West; Creative Commons)

5. Prepare to win Christmas. Pity your friends giving lame gift cards they picked up at the drugstore. They won’t get to experience the joy as your loved ones open up gifts you made from the heart with our easy-to-use tools.

Even though your actual product won’t be there under the tree, your wrapped preview images will get them excited for its arrival – and then they’ll cherish your personal, thoughtful gift long after that drugstore gift card expires.

We also offer gift cards you can print at home, but trust me – you won’t do better than making a thoughtful gift and wrapping a teaser image of it this Christmas. It’s the thought that counts, and who can beat a thoughtful gift you made yourself?

Merry Christmas from all of us at!

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