Relive the highlights of 2015 with a year-in-review photobook


If you want to document 2015 for the ages, you’ve got to make a year-in-review photo book. Here’s how to turn your entire year into a coffee table masterpiece in seconds.


The first step: gather your content. Import images from your computer (if you’re that kind of person), or directly from Facebook or Instagram. Or do a combination. You don’t even have to make any decisions yet — just import, import, import. You can edit later.

Add photos



Click the magic wand to automatically place your photos
Click the magic wand to automatically place your photos

Once you’ve imported your pics, sit back and let our auto placement software do the rest. Our innovative software finds the best possible arrangement for your photos AND it keeps your pics in chronological order. Just  click “auto place” and watch our software do its thing.

But — and this is key —  you are never stuck with our autoplaced arrangement! You are the boss. You are not beholden to the whims of our (excellent) algorithm. Want to reorder your images, or delete that one alarmingly unflattering photo of your mother, or insert a text box? NO PROBLEM. We don’t know you — you know you. Think of autoplace as a starting point. You take it from there.


If you want to edit your photos, adjust your filters, add frames, insert captions, or add titles, now is the time. Play with borders! Experiment with backgrounds! Try out our “stretch-to-edge” option and expand your collage to take up every millimeter of the page!

Or, you know, don’t. There is no shame in auto placing your pics and calling it a day. Our software is good. Your book will still look great. No one will ever know.


That’s it. A creative and highly personal 2015 photobook is en route to you right now.

Feeling celebratory? Maybe a little sentimental?  Get started on your Year-in-Review photobook right now.

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  1. Just wanted you to know how much my family complimented your company after they saw the blanket collage you did for me at Christmas. Everyone loved it!

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