In Honor of Primary Season, Why Not Hug a President?

Grover Cleveland is a welcome addition to any living room. Dwight D. Eisenhower looks great in the den. Order a John Quincy Adams for the bedroom, and you’ll never know how you managed without him. And what nursery is complete without an extra-large Jimmy Carter?

Once, they governed from the Oval Office. Now, they’re available for your home office. It’s an election year — what better way to get into the democratic spirit than a Presidential Pillow (or six) (or 44)?

Perfect for Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Federalists, Anti-Masons, and Whigs! (You won’t be called a Know-Nothing with one of these pillows!) Ideal for residents of all 50 states and the District of Columbia!

Order one, or assemble a crowd. Here, for example, is our cuddly 27th president, William Howard Taft:

Taft Pillow

  • Only president to subsequently join the Supreme Court
  • Lost 70 pounds after leaving office.
  • May or may not have ever gotten stuck in the White House bathtub.

Or maybe you prefer the classics. Perhaps what your sofa needs is a nice pair of George Washingtons:

Washington Pillow

John Tyler looks like he could use a hug:

John Taylor pillow

  • First president sworn in because of the death of his predecessor.
  • Annexed Texas.
  • “The most unpopular public man that had ever held any office in the United States.” (New York Times, 1862)

Or maybe you’ve been longing to lounge with Lincoln:


  • First president to use the telegraph.
  • Wore a Brooks Brothers suit.
  • Lost his first bid for president.

As the old saying goes, those who do not recline upon history are doomed to repeat it. Check out our full presidential gallery here, and make some new friends in high places.

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