Snuggle Up with Our Top 10 Photo Blanket Ideas

Get cozy with your favorite memories. Fleece photo blankets are ideal for babies, children, tweens, teens, younger adults, older adults, and certain pets. Photo blankets will impress your friends and fell your enemies — and they’re absurdly easy to make.

Need a little inspiration to get started? We just happen to have some ideas.

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10. The Pet-in-Absentia Blanket

Does work or school take you far away from your canine companion? Did your beloved bunny recently venture over the rainbow bridge? Perhaps your fickle feline friend isn’t much of a cuddler (don’t take it personally). With an pet-centric blanket, you can honor the pet you love, the pet you lost, or the pet you never had.

Here is a blanket honoring the life and times of this adorable kitten:cat blanket

Here is a blanket that is the closest you will ever get to owning a panda:fantasy pet pandas9. The Travel Blanket

Even the best trips must come to an end, but that doesn’t mean you can’t snuggle up with the memories from the comfort of your own sofa. Turn your travel photos into home decor and never forget that you were adventurous, once.

Remember when you road-tripped from San Francisco to Los Angeles? Here is a cozy reminder.Road Trip (SF to LA)8. The Reading Blanket

Everyone loves curling up with a good book. Why not curl up under one? Perfect for bibliophiles of all ages, a literary blanket is the ideal way to pay homage to your favorite titles while raking in compliments on your superior taste.Book cover blanket

7. The Bridesmaid Blanket

There is no warmer way to say “thank you for being my friend” and also “thank you for putting up with me when I cried about floral arrangements” than a custom blanket dedicated to the history of your friendship. Remember that trip to the beach? Remember grad school graduation? Remember when you briefly had that terrible haircut? (Don’t use that one.)bridesmaid blanket6. The Huggable Instagram Blanket

You put a lot of effort into your well-curated Instagram feed. And why shouldn’t you? Those brunches ain’t gonna ‘gram themselves. Take your excellent taste in filters to the next level, and turn your social media savvy into stylish and cozy Insta-blanket in just a few clicks.

Here is a gift we made for a friend who loves Instagram almost as much as he loves photographing bridges at sunset:Instagram blanket5. The Map Blanket

How is your child’s geography? It would probably be better if they had a chic map blanket to snuggle up with at night. They will be the envy of their friends, and they will never, ever forget the capitol of Nebraska (Lincoln).kid mapOr try a vintage map for a more sophisticated spin that will look great in your hip loft space (or normal house).Map (adult)4. The Baby Blanket

Make a scene-stealing gift for the baby in your life — no quilting, sewing, knitting, or other fiber arts required. New parents will love it. If that baby was verbal, they’d thank you for it, too. ABC Blanket3. The Landscape Blanket

A single-image blanket makes a bold, quirky style statement that lets you escape the drudgery of your daily routine without packing a bag (or buying a ticket). A snapshot of the rolling Scottish hills? An idyllic photo of the California coast? The Manhattan skyline? The view is up to you.SF single image blanket2. The Comfort Blanket

Someone in your life going through a rough time? A medical emergency? A personal crisis? Show them just how loved they are with a cozy comfort blanket. It’s may not be a real hug — but when you can’t be there, it’s the next best thing.Comfort Blanket1. The Comfort Food Blanket

Fight sadness with a comfort food blanket that celebrates carbohydrates in all their many forms, and remind yourself that life IS worth living (just look at those fries). Comfort Food Blanket

Ready to create your blanket? Lock in a low price on our bestselling fleece photo blanket: just $45, including free shipping. Buy now and create later with our sale vouchers that never expire.

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