The most retweeted gift of 2016* is perfect for Valentine’s Day

Looking for a perfect gift this year?

We have lots of ideas: just check out our various gift guides for all kinds of inspiration.

If we were to recommend one gift that is perfect for nearly everyone (and yet still is personal): you can’t do any better than a custom fleece photo blanket.

Fleece photo blanketOne of our customers gave his girlfriend a fleece photo blanket with his face on it as a Christmas gift.

She loved her blanket so much that she tweeted about it – and the gift was so popular, more than 50,000 other people retweeted it, and more than 135,000 other people liked it! (Pretty good, if we do say so ourselves!)


The photo blanket gift was so popular that both BuzzFeed and Mashable picked it up, too:Mashable blanket headline
Mashable: “Users were overwhelming in support for the remarkable gift.”

BuzzFeed blanketBuzzFeed: “As you can see from the picture below, Alfaro absolutely loves and cherishes it.”
Fleece blanket
If you missed out on giving a fleece photo blanket for the holidays, don’t blow this chance.

Our fleece photo blankets are on sale starting at $45 with free shipping – a savings of up to 64% off our regular prices.

Look, we can’t guarantee that your blanket will be retweeted and liked by tens of thousands – but we know it’ll be a smash hit with the only person who matters on February 14: your valentine.

Don’t get Valentine’s Day wrong again: design a fleece photo blanket today!

*Okay. We didn’t look at every single product tweeted on Twitter over the holidays. It seems exceedingly unlikely to us that any other individual tweet about a gift received as many retweets as our satisfied customer’s tweet did, however: more than 53,000 retweets and 137,000 likes! The secret is out: photo blankets are the PERFECT gift for special occasions like Valentine’s Day.

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