Let Collage.com give your letters new life this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, but there’s still time to add a personal touch to your gift this year. Most of us have an old box of cards hidden in our storage closet somewhere. Why not give those thoughtful messages a place to shine? Collage.com makes it easy to transfer your or your loved one’s unique handwriting to any product.

It’s as simple as writing a note! Trace over an old note with black ink on white paper if you want to give something from the past new life or write a new message. Then take a picture of it.


Once you have an image of the handwriting, begin your project on Collage.com. The handwriting feature can be found under our text options to the left of the project builder. Once you click it, it will prompt you to select your photo of the handwriting.

Add handwriting

It will then upload that photo and add it to the project with a transparent background. You can personalize your product further by adding your photos and backgrounds to finish your design.

Handwriting on accessory bag

Dust off that old letter from after your 1st date and put it on a canvas with your first picture as a couple or let that note of encouragement be a daily reminder by putting it on a mug perfect for morning coffee.

Handwriting pillow

Honor lost loved ones by adding their signature to a blanket of memories you share together:

Grandma's handwriting

You or someone you love took time to write these notes and they deserve more than a dusty box. Let your loved one appreciate your words all year long by “signing off” on your gift this year.

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