More than 135,000 likes on the most retweeted gift of 2016

Fleece photo blanket

Our photo blankets have won hearts. They have influenced minds. They have changed lives. Implausible, for a fleece photo blanket? Absolutely. True? Just ask our customers. And their friends. And their friends’ friends. And their friends’ friends’ friends.

Over Christmas, one of our customers gave his beloved a fleece photo blanket with a picture of his face on it. The couple was separated by distance. She wished he was there to keep her warm. He came up with a cozy solution. She tweeted the results, and their love story struck a chord: it was retweeted more than 50,000 times. Another 135,000 people liked it.

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BuzzFeed blanket

“Users were overwhelming in support for the remarkable gift,” observed Mashable. Across the nation, couples were inspired to make face blankets of their own, because, as BuzzFeed put it, “that’s what love is all about.” It became a viral sensation: according to our analysis*, it was the most retweeted gift of 2016. The lovers have spoken, and the lovers want fleece face blankets.

Fleece photo blankets

Chocolate is generic. Lingerie is dumb. That watch was clever (too bad you did it last year). Defy convention, and give your beloved the most personal gift there is: your face, on a blanket. Perfect for birthdays, holidays, Valentines days, and Tuesdays, this is romance at its softest.

And, lovebirds, now’s the time: Our fleece photo blankets are on sale starting at $45 with free shipping – a savings of up to 64% off our regular prices.

Gift-giving is hard. We make it easy. There’s no wrong time to say “I love you” — design a fleece photo blanket today. If you want, you can even put your face on it.

*We didn’t do an analysis. 50,000+ retweets is a lot! It feels true. 

Order your own blanket – on sale starting at $45

Your order is protected by our Just Right Satisfaction Guarantee.

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