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Changing how and where you sit!Changing how and where you sit! welcomes Floor Pillows to the show. Available in two sizes—23”x23” and 26”x26”— and two shapes—rounded and square, they’re made out of durable microfiber material and are overstuffed for your comfort.

We’re pretty excited to get these out into the world, but what can you do with them besides sitting? Lots of things!

Create a quiet corner

A change of scenery could make naptime fun and easy! Make meditation time comfier too by adding your favorite quote or peaceful image to your floor pillow.

Reading nook

Chairs are overrated. Grab a book and a floor pillow and curl up anywhere.

Movie night

Forget the couch and snuggle closer around the TV (don’t tell your eye doctor we said that).

Build a fort

Save the couch cushions and blankets for building material and marvel at your engineering from the comfort of your floor pillow.

Take them outside

Summer is fast approaching and our floor pillows make great deck and picnic companions. While they’re not machine washable, you can spot clean them if they get a bit dirty.

Turn any room into an adventure

Make games like “The Floor is Lava” into an exciting event for your kids with floor pillows as the safe zones.

Pets like floor pillows too

Pet beds can sometimes be too big. Our floor pillows make the perfect gift for your cat or dog.

Dinner time

Tables and chairs are stuffy. Loosen up together around the coffee table instead.


They make great gifts for kids who love tea parties or building forts. Teens will love them too for game nights and slumber parties.

Create Your Own Floor Pillow

Cozy and stylish!

Don’t ever sit on the hard floor again – design your own floor pillow today.


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