Introducing the Selfie Pillow

Has it been so long since you visited your parents that they’ve forgotten what you look like? Have you been meaning to e-mail your best friend who moved to a different state? Or maybe your couch just doesn’t have much personality?

If any of those sound like you, consider the latest design cooked up in the labs—the Selfie Pillow.

The process is simple: Just take a photo of yourself with your phone, and upload it into Collage’s easy-to-use pillow builder. Hit submit and your custom Selfie Pillow is on its way.

The result is a fun, super-soft pillow that’s sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who sees your, well, smile.

Here’s three ways we love to use it:

A gift for a friend that reminds you of things you did together. Like the time you made it to the top of Mt. Moosilauke.

What a perfect travel selfie pillowAn essential addition to Grandma’s breakfast nook.

Grandma will love this selfie pillowA lasting souvenir of your favorite vacation.Your best vacation selfies deserve a pillow

Each pillow is made with high quality dream-soft fleece, advanced microfiber, or water-resistant material, and printed by our partners in Denver, Colorado, to ensure that the image comes out crisp and picture-perfect.

And maybe best of all, the prices start at just $29.99. So before you fire off another disappearing selfie, slow down a little, and send something that will last longer than a social media post. Because no matter how cute the pictures are, you can’t hug an Instagram.

(And believe us, we’ve tried.)

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