This is the best-loved gift of 2017

The idea a gift out there — one gift, a single, solitary present — that is genuinely “perfect” for “everyone” on your so-called “list” is, at best, a cliche, and at worst, a lie. Everyone on your list, really? Your wife and your dog? Your father and your baby?

So we’ll be honest. There is probably someone who would not appreciate’s Fleece Photo Blanket. We’re just…not totally sure who that is.

It’s not just that the blanket is, well, a really great blanket (we’ll get to that later). It’s that a photo blanket is totally personalized — which means it can be as funny, earnest, romantic, nostalgic, or artistic as you want. It can be totally tasteful. It can get super, super weird. It may be the only gift out there is equally appropriate as wedding present for your sister and a birthday present for your French bulldog.

Think of it like a very, very soft blank canvas. Upload a few dozen beloved family photographs, arrange them (or let’s algorithm do that for you), add a colorful background, and you’ve got an instant heirloom for the grandparent who has everything. Need a gift for newlyweds? Just pick your photos of the happy couple — you can even upload them directly from Facebook or Instagram — and 15 minutes later, you’ve got an insanely thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift that only looks like it took hours.

But here’s where it gets really fun: there’s no rule that says you have to stick to family photos and loving portraits — so if you wanted to make a fuzzy blanket covered with photos of pizza for your delivery-loving best friend, there is nothing stopping you. (Seriously, we’ve seen it done. It looks amazing.) It is hard to emphasize this enough: you can do literally anything. Pictures of firetrucks. Pictures of art. Pictures of Prince Harry. One exceptionally romantic teen made his long-distance girlfriend a blanket of his face.

Fleece blanketA fleece photo blanket can inspire laughter, or tears, or kisses, or all three, which is saying something, for something you can make at home on the internet while sipping coffee in your underwear.

As for the blankets themselves, they’re the real deal — this thing is actually, snuggle-up-all-winter cozy and machine washable. They come in three different sizes and three different thicknesses, so you can get exactly what you want, whether that’s a light-weight throw for the couch to a extra-plush king-sized bedspread. If you want, you can even customize the back of the fleece with from the site’s library of patterns. Plus, they’re printed in the USA and come with Collage’s “just right” guarantee, so you know you’ll be getting a blanket that is…well, you know.

Give it a try (it’s getting cold out). Start building your own custom photo blanket now. They are on sale now for just $45 with free shipping.





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