Cardi B’s purple photo blanket

MTV knows what makes a great gift and was excited to be a part of it!

In case you missed it, rapper Cardi B has been having a big week. If you haven’t seen her “Saturday Night Live” performance or her appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” maybe you caught her on MTV’s “TRL” where she hosted her ownCardi Party” on Tuesday to celebrate her recent album release, pregnancy, and engagement. Wow! We’re exhausted just thinking about all of that.  

After losing—and finding—her beloved purple blanket last October, TRL host Sway Calloway gifted Cardi B with a custom made blanket featuring some of Cardi B’s magazine covers and red carpet moments, saying, “We know you love your purple blanket … we got you a backup. We hope you will love it!”

Cardi B's photo blanket on MTV

Cardi B appeared to be as thrilled with her gift as we were to watch her reaction to our plush sherpa photo blanket.

“You gotta find the quality. Because sometimes blankets can be really soft, but they don’t provide no warmth.”

We hope her new purple blanket brings her both!

And Cardi B, we offer baby blankets too. Just to be ready.

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