5 Easy Ways to Create the Custom Dorm of Your Dreams

Congrats on being college bound! Looking for a few ways to make dorm life feel like home? There’s nothing like personalized decor to bring a little bit of home with you, and express your unique style. Right now, save up to 64% on our top picks (PLUS they all come with free shipping!).

Personalized Photo Blankets

It’s a proven fact (probably) that it’s impossible to get homesick when you’re embracing all of the friends, family, and pets you left behind… which is why you need a custom photo blanket. STAT. Get yours for just $45 + free shipping.

Custom photo blankets

Custom Beach Towels

Did you know you can make a custom towel? With personal photos, or quotes, or memes, or non-trademarked pictures of your favorite celebrities, or monograms, or whatever design your little heart desires. Bet you didn’t. And I bet you wish you had one now that you know they exist. Make yours — just $30 + free shipping.

Custom Photo Towels

Custom Phone Cases

Longing for that special someone who tragically picked the college 2,000 miles away from yours? Missing your lifelong BFFs? Hankering to gaze into your cat’s, Mr. Mittens’, eyes one more time because his little squishy face just makes everything better? Well you can spend all day looking at their gorgeous mugs when you put their photos on a custom phone case. Pick one up for the low, low price of just $14 + free shipping.

Custom Phone Cases

Custom Photo Tapestries

All that blank wall space is just waiting for a custom touch. Anyone can buy a generic wall art from the store. But you’re not just anyone. You’re the genius who put all your best Instagram pics on a tapestry and became the envy of your hall. You’re the dorm decorating version of Joanna Gaines now (minus the shiplap, plus awesome photos). Design your coveted decor for $30 + free shipping.

Custom Photo Tapestry

Custom Throw Pillows

Looking to truly up your decor game? Good. Design a few custom throw pillows. The personalization possibilities are infinite. Pair your favorite inspirational quote with the most awkward photo you’ve ever taken. Make a collage of your favorite pics. Put a giant close up of your face on a pillow. Get weird with it. Get serious with it. It’s up to you. Starting at just $15 + free shipping you should probably get more than one.

Custom Photo Throw Pillows

We’d love to see the awesome custom decor you come up with. Tag your pics with #CollageDotCom so we can see your amazing creations!

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