These Pets Have Better Social Media Accounts Than Most People

With a combined following of 8,058 people, some of our furry co-workers have better social media accounts than most people. Sometimes the posts are goofy, sometimes shameful, and sometimes just downright cute. These pets aim to brighten the days of their owners and followers.

Spike Golden


Hi! I’m Spike. I am a 6-year-old shih tzu and I love to snuggle. I love my new family! Adopt a rescue dog! @spikey_dogg

Favorite Product – Floor Pillows or Sherpa Blankets

Paisley June Majewski


Hi! I am a F1b goldendoodle. My birthday is 4/11/17. I love my two moms and cuddles and basically everything.  @paisley.june

Favorite Product – Plush Sherpa Blankets

Luna Bean


Growing up baby dane. Sleeping grunts are my favorite.  @lunabeandane

Favorite Product – Plush Fleece Blankets

Reginald Reggie Shaner


I am an English Setter who LOVES to play with his elephant, be outside, eat bacon treats, and terrorize my big brother!  @reggiethereginatorshaner

Favorite Product – Floor Pillows

Chuck Norris 


A cat of many talents and ideas. He likes fish products only and is very intrigued by chewing gum and running water. (P.s. No one tell him he’s not a dog!)  @ChuckNorristhecat

Favorite Product – Wrapping Paper

We hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into the glamorous lives of pets! Since is a 100% remote company, we also enjoy a pet-friendly office culture. We get the ultimate office perk of bringing our pets to work every day!

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