8 great designs for your holiday cards + reasons to send them this year

In a world of digital everything, snail mail can be a super fun surprise. We’re talking about that joyous feeling when you open the mailbox and see a carefully addressed envelope with your name on it. You’ve got mail!

The excitement is even more real during the holidays when holiday cards flood the mail with well wishes and cheerful sentiments. Soon the walk to the mailbox will be all the more magical as we wonder whether we made someone’s nice list this year.

Since we love a thoughtful gesture and want everyone to feel the snail mail love, here are 8 great reasons to send a holiday card this year, plus picture perfect designs for your custom cards:


5 holiday cards on white background surrounded by small gifts

1. Send some holiday cheer

Make someone smile this season with a heartfelt message and good old-fashioned snail mail. Sending a text or email with your Christmas greetings doesn’t quite have the same magic as sending a card in the mail. Embrace the holiday spirit and spread the merriment with a custom card (and maybe a silly photo in your Christmas jammies)! The cheesier, the cheerier:

Happy Holidays card with snowflake illustrations and photo of 4 kids in Christmas pajamas

2. Show off a new family portrait

The holidays are a great time to take new family photos. It’s a chance to dress up and take a portrait that’s a little more formal than your family snapshots from the year. Dress the fam in matching plaid or let everyone’s personal style shine. Hire a photographer or simply set up a tripod and timer to capture the shot yourself. Either way, having a great portrait is something you can show off on your walls and in a holiday card:Holiday card with Merry Christmas message in gold script and portrait of mom, dad, daughter, and son

3. Share your favorite moments from the year

Another year in the books. Maybe you welcomed a new little one to your family or adopted a puppy or took an epic vacation that the kids can’t stop talking about. Whatever your year entailed, take a moment to smile about all the happy memories you’ve made and share them with others.

Choose your best pictures from the year and create a photo card that showcases your favorite moments:

Holiday card with Holiday Blessings message and photos of couple with baby

4. Connect with family and friends

The holiday season can be a busy time – there are parties to go to, gifts to buy, and pumpkin pies to be baked (and eaten!). But it’s also a time to celebrate togetherness and connect with the ones you love. Taking the time to send a custom card, especially in the midst of holiday madness, is a thoughtful way to stay in touch with family and friends both near and far:Holiday card with Peace Love Joy message and photos of mom and daughter

5. Cards make festive holiday decorations

Cover your fridge with holiday cards and magnets or simply display all your cards in a pretty holiday tin. Your loved ones can turn your cards into ornaments, string them into a garland, or add them to a fun DIY Holiday Card Wreath.

Choose a card with extra decorative flair, like this holly and pine themed design:Card says Happiest Holidays with photo of couple and 2 dogs sitting in field

6. Step away from the screen

In this digital age, it’s easy to get attached to your phone or computer screen with the never-ending stream of Facebook posts and social apps. Writing holiday cards is a reason to unplug and take a digital breather, even if just for an hour or two. And grandma and grandpa will definitely appreciate receiving a physical card instead of an @mention on the internet 😉

Put down the phone and put pen to paper with this card design:

Merry Christmas card with photo of two moms with daughter
7. Get creative with your envelopes

Make your mail really stand out by dressing up your envelopes with a bit of creativity. Try your hand at calligraphy or decorate the borders of your envelopes with some colorful washi tape. Check out these 10 Cool Ideas for Envelope Art for inspiration!

Make someone smile when they open their mailbox with an artsy envelope and this card design:

Happy Holidays card with photo of man with daughter and dog

8. Give the gift of a personalized card

A custom card pairs great with a present, but it can also serve as the gift itself. There is something special about opening a personalized card with a handwritten note during the holiday season, especially if the message inside is a love note or thoughtful ode to how much your loved one means to you!

A heartfelt gesture and a sweet holiday card make a wonderful gift (this one even has a bow on it!):

Merry Christmas card with 4 photos of mom, dad, and two young kids

Find the holiday card that tickles your fancy and send some love to your favorite people this season.



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