Design tips for the perfect photo blanket

With everything has to offer, it can be tough to settle on the perfect design for your blanket. We’re here to help! From picking photos to adding those special details, we hope this quick guide can show you how to design your blanket like a pro.    

(image by @kaylawriter at Orchard Girls)


Step 1: Focus

If you’re anything like us, you have hundreds of photos of that special someone, that summer vacation, or that pet who won’t stop doing cute things. You don’t want a crowded blanket, so it helps to narrow your options to a certain event or subject and pick the best shots.  

Remember, a little blur becomes a big blur when printed large scale on a blanket. Pick the clearest photos you have. We accept any digital photo in jpg or png format under 10MBs and we provide zoom options so you can really look at the finer details to get the best look.

Step 2: Choose the right blanket for you

Once you’ve narrowed down your photos, it’s time to pick the best blanket for you. Do you want something for display? The Smooth Fleece or Woven Image are perfect for that back of couch look. Prefer something light and soft? The Cozy Fleece is for you. Both our Sherpa options are perfect for staying warm in the winter.  Or try our newest Whipstitch blanket if you want something like the Smooth Fleece with a decorative flair!

They come in a variety of sizes as well, from baby blanket to bed sized.


Step 3: Design

With the hard decisions out of the way, now the fun can begin! Designing can be as simple as uploading the image(s) from any computer or device and then letting our program do the work.

We also offer designed templates and shapes if you want a little extra decoration with no extra cost.  

Don’t worry if the program doesn’t get it right the first time. You can always change your mind. You can easily click and drag photos around the design to order them as you’d like, or use the shuffle options to see other configurations.


Step 4: Spruce Up Your Photos

Want to remove some of that extra background? You can crop photos right from the design builder. Simply click on any photo you want to crop, then click the Crop tool:

Have a dark photo or want to add a filter? Select the photo you want to adjust and click Edit to access our photo editor:


Step 5: Add Flair

You can personalize your designs further with our background and text options. Backgrounds make your design really stand out with custom colors and unique patterns. 

You can add text, too! We offer titles and moveable text blocks with lots of different font and color options.


Step 6: Don’t Forget the Back

As an added bonus, the Smooth Fleece and Cozy Fleece have customizable backs. Everything you can design on the front can also be done on the back for a blanket that is picture perfect on all sides.

Front                                                                   Back


Step 7: Need Help?

Not sure where to start or want an outsider opinion? Contact our Customer Satisfaction Team and they’ll be happy to help!

We’re available by phone (1-888-797-1902), live chat, and email ( from 10am to 10pm EST every weekday and from noon to 8pm EST on weekends.

We also have a host of design tutorials at


Step 8: Order

You’ve put in the work and now it’s time to reap the rewards. Blankets arrive in around 2-weeks after order if shipped domestically – some options can be expedited. Get the best price at with our blanket deal:



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