Personalized gift ideas for all your quirky relatives

Christmas shopping for all the eccentric family members on your list can be a tricky task! How can you find the perfect gift for your whole motley crew? Well, it’s no secret that at we are huge fans of the photo blanket. It’s our bestselling gift for a reason – everyone loves it!

In the spirit of the gifting season, we’re sharing out-of-the-box, personalized blanket ideas to make our favorite quirky personalities smile this Christmas:

Woman in a Christmas sweater and Santa hat


1. The Crazy Cat Lady

For the relative who might have one too many cats or whose dog is such a good boy. Give a gift that will melt the hearts of all animal lovers out there with a cuddly photo blanket featuring their favorite pets.

Collage of cat and dog photos

2. The Witty Tweeter

For your uncle who has all the funny one-liners and loves to crack jokes on Twitter. Create a blanket with a collage of his top tweets for a hilarious gift. See how The Daily Show turned this idea into a photo blanket worth re-tweeting!

(Photo by The Daily Show)             

3. The Book Worm

For the niece who always has her nose in a book. There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book, unless you can also curl up with cozy blanket to keep you warm while you read! Print your loved one’s favorite book covers or author quotes on a blanket for a literary gift.

Photo collage of book covers and people reading books


4. The Fairytale Dreamer

For the one who watches all the princess movies and plans every vacation for the most magical place in the world. Round up photos from their favorite fairytales or from the family trip when they got to meet every princess in the park.

Photo collage of amusement park pictures


5. The Car Aficionado

For your relative who loves hot rods and car shows, or who just can’t part with the old VW bus in the driveway (it’s a classic!). Choose a portrait of their favorite ride for a sentimental photo gift that any gearhead would love.

Photo of man driving away in a VW bug


6. The Aspiring Baker

For your aunt who bakes the best cakes ever or your cousin who is newly obsessed with The Great British Baking Show. Put their drool-worthy baking photos or handwritten recipes on blanket to highlight their culinary talents.

Photo collage of cakes and pie


7. The Gamer

For the boyfriend or nephew who is always on an epic quest to battle dragons and find lost treasure. Print a blanket with images their own video game artwork, pics from gaming conventions, or even their best ranking scoreboards.

Collage of video game illustrations


8. The Jock

For the sports fan with the most team spirit at the homecoming game. Create a blanket with photos from their kid’s soccer games, their team portraits, or that time they painted their face for the Super Bowl.

Photo collage of sports teams


9. The Inspirational Guru

For the girlfriend who has read every self-help book and always has an encouraging quote to share on Facebook. Cover her in positive vibes with a photo blanket of all her favorite mantras.

Collage of inspirational sayings


10. The Christmas Fanatic

For the one blasting Christmas music round the clock and binge-watching every holiday special on the Hallmark channel (personally, we can’t wait!). For a Christmas-themed photo blanket, round up photos from Christmas past or pictures of your favorite winter things (the snow, the lights, the decorations!) and add a decorative background for a merry gift.

Photo collage of Christmas themed images


Get creative with your own photo blanket ideas for all the many personalities in your family this holiday!

(Above photos provided by Unsplash photographers)


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