8+ holiday gift ideas for teens and tweens

Teenagers, amirite? Don’t get us wrong – we love ‘em, but they can be so hard to shop for! One minute something is in style and the next minute it’s the most uncool thing they’ve ever heard of. OMG, what are you supposed to do? You might be tempted to tuck some cash in a card and call it done, but we have a better idea (several, in fact)!

A one-of-a-kind gift never goes out of style and even picky teenagers will be delighted by gifts that feature their very own photos (hint: nothing beats a great selfie). So, don’t fret when it comes to holiday shopping for your middle school and high school kiddos. We’re here to help with these unique gift ideas for teens and tweens!

2 teenage girls sitting on couch with their smartphones


1. Friendship blankets are the new friendship bracelets

Ok, we don’t know if teens are actually swapping blankets as a symbol of their BFF status, but this is a trend we would be 100% behind. Friendships get us through our awkward middle school years and turbulent teens, through breakups and new crushes, through study sessions and prom dances, and all the ups and downs of growing up. Celebrate the friendships in your teen’s life with a cozy photo blanket featuring all their besties.

Custom photo blanket
As a bonus idea for your graduating teen, check out this tutorial on how to create a diploma or college degree blanket!


2. Square canvas prints for Instagram snaps

For the Insta-obsessed teen who is always capturing the perfect shots and scrolling their feed. A set of canvas prints featuring their most-loved pics is a perfect Instagram gift to highlight their budding photography skills. Gift our square canvas prints to bring your teen’s Instagram feed from the small screen to the wall.

Square canvas prints on a white wall


3. Phone cases to show off those selfies

Phone accessories are a no-brainer gift for the teen who can expertly snap, filter, and post that perfect selfie before you can count to three. Create a custom case for their iPhone or Galaxy device with your teen’s Snapchat selfies for a gift with some sass and personality. 

2 phone cases with selfies laying on blue tabletop

Alternately, you can create a collage of their favorite fluffy pets for a phone case that is 100% cuteness.

Phone case with photo of french bulldog and black cat(Phone case by @_lauramariiee_)


4. Personalized makeup bag

Whether they are just starting to play around with lip gloss or already spend hours watching face-contouring tutorials on YouTube, a custom makeup bag is a useful gift for any beauty-obsessed teen. Personalize a makeup bag with their own glamour pics and bestie photos.

Personalized makeup bags with picture of teen girls


5. Pillows with positive vibes

Those tween and teenager years can be a such tumultuous, angsty time! Send some positive vibes to your young tween with a custom pillow for their room. Create a personalized photo pillow with an uplifting message so they can wake up each morning feeling happy and loved.

3 pillows with positive messages

6. Custom notebooks for creative minds

Create a personalized notebook or journal for your teen to take notes at school, start a diary, or jot down broody song lyrics for their band in the making. Encourage their creativity with a custom notebook covered in their favorite pics.

Notebook with blue and white stripes on wooden table


7. Whimsical pillowcases for music lovers

Why is your high schooler always wearing earphones? And why is it so hard to get them out of bed in the morning? Music and sleep may be their favorite things, so combine the two for a fun gift. Print your teen’s favorite song lyrics on a custom pillowcase for a gift that adds some whimsy to their bedroom decor. Play around with patterns, text, and even add their name.

Patterned pillowcases with quotes printed on front

8. Posters to celebrate their special moments

Posters have never gone out of style and are a very on-trend gift for printing large-format photos. Create unique posters to highlight your teenager’s special moments – their season on the cheer squad, their first prom, or their summer at camp. Your gift will be hanging on their walls or decorating their dorm rooms in no time!

Two hanging posters with photos of cheerleaders


Bonus gift idea

Give your teen full creative control with a gift voucher to make their very own Collage.com photo gift. It’s more than money in a card, it’s a gift that lets them create a one-of-a-kind design!



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