10 White Elephant gifts for your holiday party

The holiday season is here which means it’s time for all the gift exchanges and the battle for the most epic gag gifts. Whether your favorite holiday game is the White Elephant, Yankee Swap, or Secret Santa, you want to find a gift that will get a big reaction from the crowd – love it, hate it, or both!

We think the best White Elephant gifts are ones you make yourself, and these ideas are sure to get everyone laughing. Let the games begin!


The selfie blanket

There’s a reason that this blanket was the most re-tweeted gift of 2016 – because it’s amazing, that’s why.

Imagine the laughs when that special person opens your gift and holds up the blanket to reveal your larger-than-life face staring back at them. Put your face on a blanket. Gift done.

Photo blanket with picture of mans face


The meme gift

Everyone loves memes! Trading memes is pretty much how we communicate these days. Print the meme that always makes you laugh on a custom photo blanket for a funny White Elephant gift.

Meme on Woven Photo Blanket


Personalized emoji pillow

Who doesn’t love emojis? They’re silly and fun and can say so much with just a wink. Design a custom photo pillow with your favorite emoji and add your recipient’s name if you’re playing Secret Santa.

Custom photo pillow with poop emoji image

Cringe-worthy motivational poster

Upload an awkward photo, add a generic uplifting message, and you too can make a personalized poster that will make your giftee both laugh and cringe at the same time.

White elephant gift poster with shirtless man holding bunny

Gifts for nap-lovers

You know that family member who is forever falling asleep in the middle of conversation or napping at all hours of the day? We’re not saying that you should be creepy and take photos of them while they sleep, but if you already have a collection of candid snoring pics then we definitely think you should print them as a gag gift. May we suggest a blanket or a photo pillow for your snoozing friend?

Photo pillow with picture of man sleeping

The impossible puzzle

Step up everyone’s puzzle game with a custom puzzle in an entirely solid color. For added teasing, set up a timer after the gift is open and see how long it takes everyone to put it together!

Solid white custom jigsaw puzzle on white background


The snarky Twitter blanket

The Daily Show may not have been thinking of White Elephant gifts when they made this hilarious tweet blanket, but we think it’s the perfect gag gift for the social media-obsessed person on your Christmas list.


The sappy pillowcase

Whether it’s for a significant other or a random person at the holiday party, personalized pillowcases make unexpected gifts with so many possibilities for White Elephant goofiness. Print your selfie and a sappy message so you are the last person they see when drifting off to sleep.

Blue pillowcase with photo of man blowing a kiss

The cheesy calendar

Give someone the gift of YOU all year round. Create a custom photo calendar and strike a new cheesy pose for each month.

Photo Calendar with man in workout clothes

The magic mug reveal

We’ll let you use your imagination for this one. Create a magic mug that reveals a secret photo once the mug gets hot. A hidden joke, a ridiculous photo, a screenshot of your most hilarious group texts? You decide!

Custom magic mug



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