Design tips for the perfect photo canvas

So, you have a bunch of photos you don’t know what to do with, some open space on your wall, and you might want to solve both problems with a customized photo canvas. We can help you find the perfect design!

Below, you’ll find a series of designs on a 16×20 canvas. We hope this gives a taste of what can be done at


If a simple design is your aim, choose a set layout based on the number of photos you want to use. Here’s a sampling on layouts for a four photo design.

The layout options are available for designs containing between 1 and 10 photos. You can adjust the sizing of these photo spaces to suit your needs.

Have more photos than that? No problem. Add the photos to your project and the program will arrange them for you.

Designed Templates

For something more stylized, has a host of designed templates to bring life to your photos.

You are restricted to the photos spaces and sizes provided on designed templates. Keep that in mind if you’re considering a template that doesn’t have enough space for the photos you want to use.

Design Your Own

Have your own design in mind? We offer many different background, text, and photo organization options to bring your ideas to life. You can also unlock the project builder so you’re free to individually size and arrange each to your taste.

Custom Wrap

As an added level of customization, offers three options for designing the sides of your canvas.

The Full Wrap option is great if you have a photo with a lot of dispensable background around the subjects. In the image below, we see one penguin cut off the design in this mode.

The Cover Front option resolves this problem by only stretching the image on the front of the canvas. Similarly to the full wrap, this still cuts some of the photo off to ensure the full front coverage, but all the penguins make it onto the front. Additionally, you could add a nice background to the sides to accent the photo.

The No Crop option is great if you don’t want any of your photo cut off. In this mode, a changeable border is added around the centered image. We added a title here to personalize the design even further.

Note: you cannot change the wrap type on designed templates.

We hope this article has given you a few ideas, and we hope you have as much fun designing as we do!


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