Featured Collage: Adding text

photos and textAdding photos of handwritten text or signs to your collage is a great way to break up your photos and make your collage more memorable. The trick is making sure your pictures are sharp enough and you’re printing on a large, flat surface. Posters and framed prints work great for collages with small text–canvases and blankets, not so much.

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Collage(s) of the week 5/23/2013

Sara and her family started a journey three years ago to visit each state’s capital in the United States. Their travels were supposed to take more than 10 years, but they have found themselves in 32 of the 50 states in the last 3 years! Sara says it has been a fun, but exhausting journey so far.

Now, Sara is using collage.com to create 11×14 posters of each state using pictures form their travels. As she receives them, she frames each one and hangs them on her wall at home:

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Collage of the Week – Wedding Edition

This week’s featured collage comes from Tammy C.

I first saw Collage.com on Groupon. It was during my wedding planning process so I started thinking of the endless possibilities I could do with the product suite. Now the wedding is over and as I was going through all the awesome photos taken by my photographer “Absolutely Loved Photography,” I immediately thought of doing a collage to display all the great moments. It’s a much more creative and fun way to relive the wonderful memories of the wedding by seeing it hanging on the wall everyday!

Framed collage prints are the perfect way to shape your wedding memories. Get started on your collage today.


Collage of the Week – May 7th

Today’s Collage of the Week comes from Jordan L who used Collage.com to make a custom Mother’s Day Card.

“I came across collage.com while searching for gift ideas for friends and family. I wanted to do something special for my mom on Mother’s Day since I am away at college, and I received an email from you guys about a Mother’s Day discount. I wanted to feature pictures of our family and customize it the way I did to make it more special.”

Get started with your own customized collage cards today! 


Collage of the Week – April 6th

This week’s Collage of the Week comes from Shay S.

“I found Collage.com several years ago, when it was called ScrapWalls.com.  I bought a Groupon to try it out.  I fell in love!  I’ve since made many Collages.  Most for personal use and a few for gifts.

We take a “big trip” once a year.  This year, my husband and I took a trip to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day!  I felt the 4-leaf clover was the perfect representation of the trip.  I only uploaded my favorite pictures from the trip.  I used the drag-and-drop feature to move the photos around, so I could see my favorite parts of each of the photos and make my “most favorite photos” the largest and easiest to see.  We have a college wall of our trips and wedding, and look forward to adding this one to our collection.”

-Shay S.


Collage of the Week 9-27-2012

Back to back dog collages for Collage of the Week!

This collage of the week comes from Heather:

“With very little effort or time we created a fun collage of our girl, Bella.  A gift from a friend, this turned out to be a fun project that we really enjoyed.  We look forward to passing information about Scrapwalls to our friends and family!”

Thank you Heather for allowing us to feature your collage – we hope that it will help preserve fond memories for years to come.

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Collage of the Week 9-13-2012

Our collage of the week for 9-13-2012 was originally requested by Ashley back in February of this year. She sent us an email and asked, “How can I submit my collage for the collage of the week contest?”

We responded, ” Hi Ashley, We will be adding a submit link soon on the site, but for now you can just send the link to the share page for your collage to support@collage.com and we will can add it for collage of the week!”

We waited and waited and waited. Finally we got the link to her Euro-Trip collage shown above – the reason for the delay? Ashley had a baby and obviously things got a little hectic!  Congratulations on your newborn Ashley and thank you for submitting this collage for COTW. We hope to see more collages of the new baby in the future!

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Collage of the Week 8/23/2012

Perhaps this post should be named collage of the month! Things have been busy here at Collage.com, we are working on new and exciting features and handling high volumes of support requests (thank you!). Needless to say, we fell a bit behind on Collage of the Week and for that we are sorry. Make sure you read to the bottom of this post for a special deal!

This week’s collage was brought to you by Marissa from Santa Clarita, CA and from the looks of it, she and her family had a swimming good time in Cabo San Lucas:


To help you celebrate the end of summer and preserve those summer vacation memories we would like to offer you a 30% discount! Enter code: “cabosanlucas” at checkout.

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July 26th Collage of the Week

The collage was created by myself and another friend with pictures of letters from the hometowns (Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL) of both parents.  We took the pics at famous locations in both cities…as well as locations that meant something special to the couple (ie. where they were married, where they got engaged, where they work, etc.).  Creating the collage on Scrapwalls was really easy and the framed picture turned out great!

Hopefully others will be inspired to give non-traditional baby shower gifts that the parents can enjoy too!


Thank you Jackie for this fun collage of the week.  If you have a great collage that you would like featured on our blog, please email us at support@collage.com  with the link from your share now page and a brief write up about your collage making experience!