Summer entertaining tips from

Are you entertaining guests outside this summer? Here are some of our favorite summer entertaining tips – and a favorite cocktail recipe!

Outdoor photo pillows

Outdoor pillows are perfect conversation starters. We’ve loved entertaining all summer with our new outdoor throw pillows. These water-resistant pillows are great to leave around your deck, porch, or pool area. You can easily customize each one to feature favorite photos or patterns. Use our outdoor pillows to easily create a theme for an outdoor summer party – you can even use them as party favors for guests to bring home!

New custom aprons from

Grilling? Don’t forget your custom photo apron! Are you grilling on the deck for friends and family? Don’t forget your custom photo apron – and the charcoal and lighter fluid! Custom aprons are a great way to protect your clothes when cooking outside while making a statement, since you can customize them any way you’d like.

Strawberry rhubarb crisp

Don’t forget dessert. Everybody knows the best part of every meal is dessert. Summer lends itself to using fresh fruit like locally-grown strawberries and blueberries. (As a Michigan-based company, we’re especially partial to anything grown in the Great Lakes State!) Pictured above is a strawberry rhubarb crisp our photography director Thayer made for a summer party.

Coasters and cocktails

People love cocktails. This might come as a shock to you, but: party guests like cocktails. They’ll like them even more with our custom photo coasters. Whether you’re throwing an outdoor party to celebrate a summer wedding anniversary like the coasters above, or just gathering with family and friends for a relaxing Sunday, you can’t go wrong with our coasters.

Looking for a great cocktail recipe to enjoy this summer? Check out one of our favorites: Ladera rum punch (from the Hungry with Children blog)

Celebrate American history with

Our team at is full of history geeks. That’s why we love using our historical photo archive to create cool custom products you can’t find in a store.

Harriet Tubman pillow

Are you excited over Harriet Tubman appearing on the front of the $20 bill next year? (We are!) You can easily use our historical photo archive to make a Harriet Tubman pillow, as featured above.

Fans of Old Hickory who also love hickory-accented summer barbecues might love an Andrew Jackson-themed custom apron, too:

Andrew Jackson apron

We can’t wait to see what you create with our historical photo archive!

In Honor of Primary Season, Why Not Hug a President?

Grover Cleveland is a welcome addition to any living room. Dwight D. Eisenhower looks great in the den. Order a John Quincy Adams for the bedroom, and you’ll never know how you managed without him. And what nursery is complete without an extra-large Jimmy Carter?

Once, they governed from the Oval Office. Now, they’re available for your home office. It’s an election year — what better way to get into the democratic spirit than a Presidential Pillow (or six) (or 44)?

Perfect for Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Federalists, Anti-Masons, and Whigs! (You won’t be called a Know-Nothing with one of these pillows!) Ideal for residents of all 50 states and the District of Columbia!

Order one, or assemble a crowd. Here, for example, is our cuddly 27th president, William Howard Taft:

Taft Pillow

  • Only president to subsequently join the Supreme Court
  • Lost 70 pounds after leaving office.
  • May or may not have ever gotten stuck in the White House bathtub.

Or maybe you prefer the classics. Perhaps what your sofa needs is a nice pair of George Washingtons:

Washington Pillow

John Tyler looks like he could use a hug:

John Taylor pillow

  • First president sworn in because of the death of his predecessor.
  • Annexed Texas.
  • “The most unpopular public man that had ever held any office in the United States.” (New York Times, 1862)

Or maybe you’ve been longing to lounge with Lincoln:


  • First president to use the telegraph.
  • Wore a Brooks Brothers suit.
  • Lost his first bid for president.

As the old saying goes, those who do not recline upon history are doomed to repeat it. Check out our full presidential gallery here, and make some new friends in high places.

Gifts that will make them 😂

In case you didn’t hear, the 2015 Oxford Dictionaries’ “word of the year” is… 😂.

Yep, that’s right. It’s the “Face with Tears of Joy” emoji we all know and love. Hopefully, someone made you cry tears of joy this year. Perhaps it was a close friend. Perhaps it was your son or daughter. Perhaps it was even your UPS delivery driver, dropping off another package from

Celebrate those special people in your life by making them a “Face with Tears of Joy” custom product from For example, how about a “Face with Tears of Joy” emoji pillow?

Crying tears of joy emoji pillow

Or, in keeping with the season, why not make a “Face with Tears of Joy” Christmas ornament? You’ll remember the good times you had together every year when you hang it on your tree: Face with Tears of Joy emoji ornament offers more than 50 products you can customize however you’d like – from “Face with Tears of Joy” emoji to your most precious photos. You can’t go wrong with a heartfelt, custom gift from this holiday season – guaranteed to 😂.

Behind the scenes of our holiday photo shoot

It’s hard to believe, but we’re in the home stretch of 2015! Over the next few weeks, you’ll start to see photos from’s holiday photo shoot. We won’t start playing holiday jingles now, but we did want to share how our photo shoots come together.

In the studio
Hive Studio photographer Austin Huck, photo director Thayer Newport, and stylist Erin Riley setting up for’s holiday photo shoot. (Not pictured: hair and makeup, Lori Greene)

With so many new products added to the lineup this year, our photo director Thayer Newport worked overtime to get the holiday shoot ready. Lining up models, coming up with a theme, securing studio time, and ordering products for the shoot takes almost a month’s work of solid work – but we think it was really worth it!

Continue reading Behind the scenes of our holiday photo shoot

Our co-founder on “what really matters about company culture”

Kevin Borders, Collage.comOur co-founder and co-CEO Kevin Borders wrote in MLive today about the “one thing that matters” when it comes to company culture:

I roll my eyes every time I hear that a company is a great place to work “because it has a ping-pong table.”

Sure, it shows that they value employees enough to spend a few hundred bucks on table tennis.

At many companies, though, that ping-pong table comes with a caveat emptor: we expect you to work more here instead of living your life elsewhere. For some this might be OK, but most people would rather skip the office ping-pong game to spend more time with family and friends.

Joe Golden,’s other co-founder/co-CEO, wrote in the Detroit Free Press in May about our office-free workplace. We’re proud of our company culture, and love to spread the word at every opportunity.

Read Kevin’s whole piece at MLive.

Grandparents’ Day is September 13

Collage kid

Do you have plans for Grandparents’ Day yet?  Well, you should!

Grandparents are the pillars are our families. Show your grandma or grandpa how much they mean to you with a special, one-of-a-kind gift this National Grandparents’ Day (September 13) from

Over the next few days, we’ll share some great Grandparents’ Day gift ideas – like making a custom photo puzzle for your grandma or grandpa:

Custom photo puzzle

Design a custom photo puzzle with family photos, and then spend a special day with your grandparents putting it together. Not only will they have a keepsake to cherish for years – they’ll have a great memory of a fun afternoon together, too.

Design a custom photo puzzle today! Order with standard shipping by August 31 for delivery by Grandparents’ Day. launches 9 new products

Today, we’re excited to launch nine new products that we know you’ll love:


Custom phone casesDesign your own sleek cases for the latest Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phone models. Our iPhone cases are also available in a more durable “tough” model with an extra protective layer of silicone.


Personalized notebooksCustomize our personalized photo notebooks however you like – and even choose from four different paper types (lined, dot grid, task outline, or blank pages).

Colored custom t-shirts

Custom t-shirts – in eleven different colorsWe added new colors to our t-shirt lineup, and now have 11 different colors to choose from. Can’t pick a favorite color? Order them all!

Long-sleeve t-shirts

Custom long sleeve t-shirtsLong sleeve t-shirts feel cozy and look great. Our long sleeve custom shirts are available in black and navy, and are made of 100% soft, ring-spun cotton.

Magnetic announcements

Magnetic AnnouncementsThese packs of 25 magnetic announcements are perfect for big events: wedding save-the-dates, graduation parties, baby announcements, and more!

Custom photo coasters

Custom photo coasters: Perfect for anyone who uses glasses or owns a table – so in short, perfect for anyone.’s custom photo coasters are made of plastic, so they’re easy to clean, and feature a nonslip cork backing.

Photo magnets

Photo magnetsOur high-resolution photo magnets liven up any magnetic surface, and come in two different sizes. Show off your photos’ magnetic appeal with a photo magnet!

Custom flask

Custom flaskOur custom flasks hold 6 ounces of your favorite beverage, and can be easily customized with photos, monograms, and patterns. Remember: the outside of a flask isn’t as discrete as what goes inside.

Custom playing cards

Custom playing cardsNo, you can’t stack the deck – but you can design it, with our custom playing card sets. The back of each card can be customized with your own design. Our photo playing cards come with a plastic storage case, too.

It’s been a busy summer for We’ve already launched:

Stay tuned for what’s next… seeks Director of Baseball Operations

As a fast-growing technology startup, is always looking for great job applicants.

Right now, we have active job postings to hire 20+ Michigan-based seasonal customer satisfaction team members ($15/hr; working remotely), along with front-end software engineers (working remotely), and user experience/user interface designers (working remotely).

Today, released its latest job posting*.

Interested Director of Baseball Operations applicants are encouraged to apply by sending a cover letter and resume to All other job applicants should apply here. Director of Baseball Operations

About is a technology company that makes custom products easy for everyone. We strive to deliver the best customer experience with great software and excellent service. We sell an expanding variety of photo and home products, including photo blankets, photo books, canvases, pillows, and more. has been featured on the TODAY Show and Good Morning America several times. We are a small, profitable, 100% bootstrapped company with about 40 employees that has been growing 4x annually for the past three years. We are seeking ambitious, nice individuals to join us in our quest to bring great custom products to the world. We’ll even forget about the Doug Fister trade.

The Job

We are looking for a seasoned executive looking to pursue other opportunities to help us scout and nurture baseball talent for, a fast-growing Michigan technology startup.

We plan to build a company baseball team as strong as our software tools that make designing custom products easy for everyone, and seek a leader who can rise to the challenge. This position would be’s director of baseball operations, so baseball general management experience at the highest level is required. Experience with server-side programming languages, HTML 5, and the Adobe Creative Suite preferred, but not required.


Competitive salary, stock options, and performance-based bonus.

Location is a 100% remote workplace. Everyone enjoys a commute-free lifestyle and can work from anywhere with an Internet connection! We keep in touch with chat, e-mail, phone, and screen sharing. We meet in Michigan three times a year (all expenses paid) for a company meeting to welcome new people, exchange ideas, and have a good time.

Required Skills/Experience

  • 10+ years as general manager for a professional baseball team, or equivalent experience
  • American League Central pennants
  • World Series experience in both the National and American Leagues

Nice to Have

  • World Series rings in both the National and American Leagues
  • Working knowledge in backbone.js, network communication, spatial/geometric reasoning, user interface design, and experience with PHP or other server-side languages

Benefits and Perks

  • pays 100% of the premium for full health, vision and dental insurance coverage for you and your family in a PPO plan
  • Completely flexible day-to-day schedule (availability for meetings and games is the only requirement) with a very flexible vacation policy (take time off when you want, no vacation day tracking)
  • We’ll pay for any reasonable equipment that will help you work
  • Paid travel to conferences and meetings
  • $60 / month home Internet reimbursement
  • $500 / year in free products, and employee discount for friends and family
* Note: This “job posting” is not to be taken seriously for any purpose and is parody. That said, any recently-unemployed Major League Baseball managers – and any other talented individuals looking to grow with an exciting technology startup – are encouraged to apply for any of our current (real) job openings.

“You all KNOW what customer service is all about”

At, we’ll go above and beyond to make sure you’re happy with what you create on our site.

That’s why we back every order with the Just Right Guarantee: if what you make doesn’t turn out just right, we’ll make it right.

But what does that mean in real life? Here’s a great example.

Michael M. in Studio City, California recently wrote us about a great experience he had with our Customer Satisfaction Team, and gave us permission to share his note:

You all are terrific at customer service.

1. I reluctantly explained that an item I ordered did not work out and was not what I expected, and I got a full refund.
2. I was not happy with another item because of a mistake that I had made by not fully understanding the instructions, and a replacement item was sent exactly as I wanted it.
3. I sent in some questions before I even ordered an item to see if it would turn out as expected, and I got full and complete attention and answers.

You all KNOW what customer service is all about. I very much appreciate the kind attention and enjoy dealing with your company.

Nothing makes us happier than pleasing our customers. If you ever have a question or a problem, feel free to contact our Michigan-based Customer Satisfaction Team at 1-888-797-1902, or email We’re happy to help!