Collage of the Week 10/28/2011

Beautiful collage Chunwoon!

It will be great memory of our wedding. Those pictures were our casual pictures for our wedding. I found you from and I thought it would be a great idea to keep our precious moment for good. Like I posted on your Facebook page, as soon as I received my first order I was very satisfied with quality. I’m working on my second order now and I recommended Scrapwalls to all my friends.

Thank you Chunwoon for allowing us to feature your collage as our collage of the week!

Collage of the Week 9/1/2011


Our collage of the week this week is courtesy of Opal. This collage caught our attention because of the large number of photos. We want our collages to help document your memories and put them on display for you and your loved ones. Provide admirers with hours of entertainment by telling them that they may have made an appearance in your collage!

We didn’t get a statement from Opal but we thank her for being our featured collage of the week!


Three Exciting New Shapes Released!

The crew here at Scrapwalls has been working hard to meet customer demands. So far, our biggest request has been for new shapes. We’ve recently developed a program that helps us create new shapes much faster. Just this week we have created three new shapes – a hockey player, a truck, and a house!

If you have a suggestion for a shape, please e-mail us at (multiple votes for a certain shape bump it up the priority list so do not be afraid to let us know what you want!).

Without further adieu, here are collage samples of our newest shapes:


Groupon coming to 5 more cities

In our most recent effort to spread the word about ScrapWalls, we have partnered with Groupon to bring you even more savings! As of Monday, July 25, we will be featured on Groupon in Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Atlanta, Dallas and Boston. Be sure to visit Groupon to get your $30 coupon code for only $15! Also, “Like” us on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss out on any of our great deals.

Our First Collage Of The Week

Take a second to admire our first collage of the week, created by Carolyn. It is one of many collages that we loved at first sight! To help get your creative juices flowing, we plan on featuring one exceptional collage every week as the ScrapWalls “Collage of the Week.” We hope that these collages give you new ideas for showing off your photos. We will also be posting links to photography tips and tricks, unique gift ideas, and other interesting items. Thank you Carolyn and congratulations on being our first featured “Collage of the Week!”


Scrapwalls Review’s and How-To’s:

There are certain things that bring a smile to your face – the first drink of hot chocolate on a cold winter night, an ice cold popsicle on a hot summer day, or seeing a child’s reaction when they are first introduced to a litter of puppies. We at ScrapWalls are always delighted to hear from others who enjoy using our website. Here are two recent reviews of

Review #1 by Lauren Weber, blogger at Mrs. Weber’s Neighborhood:

We sought out Mrs. Weber’s feedback on because of her knack for writing honest and informative product reviews. As a freelance writer and Stay-At-Home Mom, she is no stranger to photo collages, so it made perfect sense for her to try out She was even generous enough to write a step-by-step how-to. Thanks Mrs. Weber!

Review #2 by Sherrie Piegdon, contributing writer for

Sherrie has been scrapbooking for over a decade and has been digitally scrapbooking for 5 years – longer than ScrapWalls has been around! Needless to say, we were thankful for her opinion and expertise. We are very glad that she liked our site, and got a few useful tips for tailoring our products towards scrapbookers. Thank you Sherrie!

Are you interested in writing a review for ScrapWalls? Please e-mail us at Also, be sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter for our weekly gift code giveaway!

Building a Better Collage

First ScrapWalls Collage (~950 photos)

Collages are cool. Everybody knows that. Unfortunately, making a collage can take hours or even days. I learned this first-hand when building a 900-photo collage for an anniversary present (see image to the right). It took eight hours just to place the images. After spending all this time, I began to wonder: is there a better way to build a collage? This is the story of ScrapWalls and our automated collage software. heart collage

As it turns out, there are a few options for automatically building collages on the Internet. Most of them are not very good. The bad ones will crop your photos and insert them into fixed slots. Snapfish is slightly better; it lets you make rectangular collages with up to 30 photos. However, this won’t cut it for large projects. The best option for handling a lot of photos is Shape Collage ( – see right). Unfortunately, you need a lot of pictures to recognize the shape at the end. Also, half of your photos will end up mostly cropped, leaving lots of cut-off heads and left-out people – less than ideal for an anniversary present!

City Collage – Original Algorithm

In December 2007, some friends and I began making ScrapWalls with the goal of helping people build better collages. Our initial launch of ScrapWalls in early 2008 supported manual photo placement. This got us talking to District Photo (the company that does printing for Snapfish, Wal Mart, Walgreen’s, and many others). They saw some of the shape collages and asked if we could design software that builds them automatically. The response was short: “We’ll try…”

Nature Collage – New Algorithm

The first iteration was very rough. We started by constructing shapes out of primitive “line” and “point” objects. The idea was to build a shape from rectangles of fixed size, and then insert images into the rectangles until they were full, adding padding to fill the rectangle. An example of a “city” shape using this original algorithm can be seen on the right.

As you can see, the first shape collage algorithm was far from perfect. The shape edges are jagged and the photos have uneven gaps. Because the shapes were made of fixed rectangles, they also needed a lot of photos, but could not have too many. We showed the initial prototype to District Photo, and they came up with an idea that helped solve all of these problems: shape masks. Instead of expanding the photos to cover the shape, just add extra images around the edge and crop them using the mask. Masks also make a well-defined shape with only a handful of photos. (It would be hard to make a “heart” with only 4 rectangular images!) The result of version 2.0 can be seen to the right. Things were starting to look much better!

Collage With Image Placement

ScrapWalls User Collage

The story is almost over, but not before one final suggestion from District Photo: “Can you support photo placement?” This is a very simple question with a very difficult answer. Letting people place a photo seems easy, but what do you do with the other pictures? What if they overlap? What if there are gaps? In the interest of brevity, I will keep it short. If you want more detail, we will be posting a link to our recent patent submission on building shape collages shortly. Remember the rectangular “lines” that covered the shape? They are still there, but need to be chopped up to make room for the placed photo. The first step is stretching and shrinking the lines that are parallel but partially overlap the placed image so that they become adjacent. Then you have remaining rectangles that the placed photos is fully bisecting. These must be cut into two rectangles with a gap for the placed image in between. Now the photo is in its final location, and there are no gaps or overlapping images! This can be repeated several times to achieve the final result. An example with wedding photos can be seen on the right.

Since adding shape collages to ScrapWalls in August 2010, thousands of people have made collages. We are surprised every day by the creativity of our users. The possibilities are endless with shapes and photo placement, but one that stands out can be seen on the right. The creator used placement to put the main photo in the center of the collage. She was also kind enough to let us display her collage publicly on our site. Creating shape collage software has been an adventure. We hope that you have as much fun using our site as we did making it!